What to pack for a healing holiday

You’ve now carefully chosen your healing holiday, but now the stressful question has arisen; what do I pack? There is nothing worse than arriving for a holiday to unwind only to get wound up because you are unprepared. To help you avoid the stress-inducing task of what to pack before your healing holiday, here’s your ultimate guide. 

1. Footwear

There will be a variety of activities you will engage in at your retreat (swimming, fitness, pilates etc.), so you will need the right footwear to support you. You may need indoor light sole trainers in the fitness room, whether it’s for your session with your personal trainer or an early morning run, you don't want to arrive having to buy new trainers that may rub. For yoga and pilates classes it is best if you get some grip socks to ensure you do not lose your footing and injure yourself. If you are visiting one of our properties in Switzerland we would suggest hiking boots for the majestic Swiss Alps. However, don’t forget your flip-flops for when your relaxing by the spa and pool. Always remember that most healing holidays are for relaxing the mind body and soul, so it is unlikely you will need to wear a pair of heels.

2. Clothing

When thinking about the types of clothing to take on your retreat it can seem overwhelming.  If you are planning to have a diverse activity schedule, you will want light layered and breathable clothes, remember to bring your pilates socks or maybe warm socks for morning meditation. A bathing suit or two are a must for many retreats especially if you are doing any therapies like the salt lake at Lefay. There will be no need for a robe as most of the spas provide them. In addition, if you are going to a property such as Vana, two pairs of clothing are provided daily, so there is little to pack. 

woman doing yoga

3. Eyewear

Eyewear is highly important when travelling for your healing holiday. If you are venturing on a fitness retreat or even just going for a walk along the beach, make sure you protect your eyes from the UV rays with sunglasses. For those who may wear eye contact lenses, it is best to ensure you have plenty of supplies, especially if you are planning to partake in any hydrotherapy. Even if you are planning to relax your mind and read a book around the pool, remember to bring your reading glasses. For those planning to venture into the pool, it may be wise to pack your swimming goggles.

woman with spectacles

4. Medication

The last thing you would want to be concerning yourself over is having to find your regular medication in a foreign country. Before going on any retreat it is vital that you have the correct supply of any medication that you are currently taking. Furthermore, if you are going to one of our medispas such as Grand Resort Bad Ragaz you will need to provide a medical report in order for them to plan the most effective treatment for you. Many retreats will ask for a pre-arrival questionnaire to be filled in, we will ensure that this is properly filled in and sent to the property in advance of your arrival.

several pills

5. Journal

Keeping a mindfulness journal can be really helpful on your wellness journey. This may be so you can reflect upon the changes you are seeing within yourself or as an aid to bringing mindfulness into your daily life after your retreat. Even if you have never kept a journal before, keeping a mindful journal can be a very calming and clarifying practice that goes hand-in-hand with the rest of your meditation and mindfulness practice.

journal with pencil

6. Miscellaneous

Along with the larger items you need to bring with you on your healing holidays, these items may want to be added to your list. In order to really unwind and focus on yourself when going on your retreat, a piece of literature or your favourite music may be advisable to take. Also, it is easy to forget about the necessities such as a hat and suncream when going to more exotic climates. Other little necessities may be hair ties, pins or headbands that are always forgotten at the last minute. Although this is a time to detox from the stresses of daily life, it would be wise to pack your phone and any other chargers that may be needed for electricals such as a camera (don't forget the adaptors too.) Nevertheless, remember you will be home before you know it, so try to make the most of this time and relax.

Here's a free checklist of what to pack for a healing holiday.

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