What is Ayurveda?

Simply put Ayurveda is at traditional method of healing covering all aspects of life and lifestyle and has been around for over 5000 years originating in India.

You can partake in some lovely relaxing Ayurvedic spa treatments such as Shirodhara (oil being poured on your third eye to release stress) Kati Vasti (a dough like ring placed on your lower back and then filled with oil again to release tension) or the unique abhyanga 4 handed massage. These are now quite readily available at plenty of resort style spas worldwide. However if you want to immerse yourself in true Ayurvedic healing experience then a retreat is the best option. Usually covering a two week stay though shorter options are available for those of us who are limited by time restrictions. Panchakarma retreats follow a cleansing and rejuvenating programme for the body, mind and consciousness, including an individually prescribed course of treatments, medications and diet to suit your dosha (body) type. Purgative treatments are very common place in this type of retreat and whilst not for the squeamish or faint hearted the results are amazing you will come away feeling absolutely incredible having cleansed just about every part of your body both inside and out.

Most things in Ayurveda involve copious amounts of oil and/or powder and herbs, most massages are conducted by not one but two therapists working simultaneously to soothe, pummel or scrub your tired body. With unique diagnostic techniques an Ayurvedic doctor can tell by looking at your tongue and taking your pulse where a lot of your imbalances stem from in your body. They also take medical history and current ailment details from you.

By Karen Nyoni. Contact our wellness consultants for more information on 020 7843 3597. 

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