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01/03/2021, Healing Holidays

Find out more about the expert practitioners who will take care of you at Villa Stéphanie.

Wellness Experts at Villa Stéphanie | Healing Holidays


He is a specialist in regenerative and detoxification treatments, organ cell therapy and biological therapy for malignant diseases, and his team offer a complete spectrum of traditional and modern diagnostic techniques, including personalised therapies based on naturopathic medicine.

Before graduating with his medical degree from FU Berlin, Dr König was passionately pursuing a more integrated approach to medicine. After natural healing-oriented clinical traineeships in India and South Africa, he later trained in homoeopathy and acupuncture and in 1994 established a private doctors’ practice in Karlsruhe, following this in 2008 with a second at Villa Stéphanie. Based on a holistic understanding of people and their health, he became a specialist in both general and sports medicine as well as natural healing. A passionate sportsman, Dr König focuses on integrating traditional and modern healing methods as well as offering therapy for the musculoskeletal system through chirotherapy and osteopathy. He also holds diplomas for nutritional medicine, orthomolecular medicine and environmental medicine, and is a trained biological cancer therapist.

Specialisation: Integrative Holistic Medicine


As a Mental Health Coach, the human mind and the psyche hold the utmost importance to Selina. She always encourages a positive change in perspective, may it be in dealing with certain emotions or any other given issues.

Her work is characterised by a holistic approach. Due to her great interest in the connection between mind-body-spirit, alternative healing methods such as Shamanism, acupuncture, Reiki, Yoga & Meditation are always in focus. Personal development, psychosomatic matters, as well as elements of clinical psychology also make up her individual and unique treatments.

Specialisation: Holistic Mental Coaching | Mediation | Yoga

Wellness Experts at Villa Stéphanie | Healing Holidays


Dr Yusuf Yildirim is specialised in gentle wrinkle treatment, facial remodelling and skin rejuvenation. After studying medicine in Ulm and Tübingen he received his license to practice medicine in 2004. While at the Department for Facial Plastic Surgery in the Marien hospital Stuttgart he simultaneously wrote his doctor’s thesis. In February 2006, he graduated as a Doctor of Medicine (Dr. med.) from the Medical Faculty of Heidelberg University. At present Dr Yusuf Yildirim is studying for a Master of Science degree in Preventative Medicine & Anti-Ageing at Dresden International University.

Due to his many years of experience and his specialisation, Dr Yildirim is one of the experts in the field of administering high-level aesthetic treatments. With his open, friendly, empathic and competent manner, coupled with his trained eye for aesthetics, he provides his patients with the best advice and makes decisions with them that bring their own personal beauty ideas ever closer.

Specialisation: Aesthetic Medicine

Wellness Experts at Villa Stéphanie | Healing Holidays


Dr Sven-Marcus Beschnidt is one of Germany’s top medical professionals and distinguishes himself with outstanding work in the fields of microsurgery, implantology and cosmetic dentistry. His maxim is: every person has their own story and medical professionals must observe this in order for total success to be achieved. He has a degree in Dentistry from the University Hospital of the Albert Ludwigs, and is a Certified Specialist in Implantology and Prosthodontics and is an active member of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry.

Specialisation: Aesthetic Dentistry

Wellness Experts at Villa Stéphanie | Healing Holidays


Martina runs one of the finest physio practices in Europe at Villa Stephanie, which is dedicated to physical rehabilitation and wellbeing and is a renowned centre of expertise in a range of disciplines including physiotherapy. She is an expert at Physiotherapy, Manual therapy, various massages & Craniosacral therapy

Specialisation: Physiotherapy

Wellness Experts at Villa Stéphanie | Healing Holidays


  • QPNT Nutrition Coach
  • Fitness Trainer – C, B and A license
  • Instructor for Functional Training
  • TRX Instructor
  • Fascia & Mobility Trainer
  • Cross-Fit Instructor
  • Athletic Trainer – A license
For Kevin, individuality is key when it comes to supporting the various programmes, and his personal focus is on elements of functional training, e.g. TRX training. He likes to set ambitious personal goals and encourage lifestyle changes. He feels set in the view of the Black Forest, Villa Stéphanie’s lush surroundings are perfect for outdoor activities.

Specialisation: Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

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