Wellness Experts at Vana

29/03/2021, Healing Holidays

Find out more about the expert practitioners who will take care of you at Vana.

Wellness Experts at Vana | Healing Holidays


Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis Expert

Through Naadi (Ayurvedic pulse) one can determine the dosha prakruti (body constitution), dosha vikruti (imbalances) in each organ and its effects on the dhatus (tissues), manas (mind) and sukshmasharir (metaphysical body). 

As a Naadi Vaidya, Dr Ajit is able to translate the information he derives through a simple touch at the wrist to diagnose and analyse the prevailing and probable wellbeing concerns which may manifest in an individual. At Vana, a Naadi Pareeksha forms an inevitable part of the journey of a Vanavasi who seeks to explore deeper dimensions of wellbeing. Dr Ajit has over two decades of experience in his field and has treated disorders and illnesses like diabetes, renal disorders, joint disorders and chronic headaches.

Specialisation: Ayurveda | Pulse Diagnosis

Wellness Experts at Vana | Healing Holidays


Head of Ayurveda

Dr Vishnuraj Prakash is an Ayurvedic scholar and Physician from Kerala. At Vana, he heads the Ayurveda department and has been an integral part of the team for over 4 years. He is responsible for the overall functioning of wellness at Vana. He has also assisted extensively in developing a therapeutically diverse and holistic wellness offering.

Specialisation: Ayurveda

Wellness Experts at Vana | Healing Holidays


Head Clinician

Dr Jayachandran pursued his studies in Ayurveda from Kerala. He has also studied therapeutic applications of Yoga on body, mind and emotions. With a career spanning seventeen years, he has worked in Mumbai and Chennai in various Ayurveda centres where he has successfully treated numerous clinical conditions, lifestyle and stress-induced diseases. In the wellness industry, he has worked with well-known centres in Malaysia and Bali. He is led by his passion to incorporate various healing practices and rituals which reconnect with nature to balance the vital forces.

Specialisation: Ayurveda

Wellness Experts at Vana | Healing Holidays


Yoga Expert

At the age of 22, Suyash left his comfortable job in the IT sector to seek his Guru Ji out. After wandering for long in India he took refuge in a monastery in Eastern India. Later his travels took him to the Bihar school of yoga, Munger where he was initiated as a Karma Sanyasi by Padma Awardee Paramhansa Swami Niranjana Ananda Saraswati, in the dashanami sanyasa tradition of Sri Adi Guru Shankaracharya. He also graduated with a master's degree in 'Yoga Psychology' from the Bihar school of yoga. After Munger, he continued practising and teaching Yoga for nearly two decades. His warm approach respects individual capabilities and helps harness the student's inner peace.

Specialisation: Yoga

Wellness Experts at Vana | Healing Holidays


Sowa Rigpa Specialist

Dr Tenzin Sopa is a Sowa Rigpa specialist, wellness consultant and practitioner of Sowa Rigpa therapies at Vana since April 2016. He received his Bachelor's degree in Tibetan Medicine and Therapies from Chagpori Tibetan Medical Institute, Darjeeling.

Specialisation: Tibetan Medicine & Therapies

Wellness Experts at Vana | Healing Holidays


Reflexology Specialist

Subhash carries nearly a decade of experience in reflexology. He specialises in healing through acupressure. He completed his Master’s diploma in Acupressure and diploma in Sujok Acupressure from Acupressure Research, Training & Treatment Institute, Jodhpur, Rajasthan. He employs reflexology as a tool to achieve holistic wellbeing and correct elemental imbalances.

Specialisation: Reflexology | Acupuncture

Wellness Experts at Vana | Healing Holidays


Executive Chef

With almost fifteen years of experience behind him, Chef Mohan’s culinary philosophy and passion reflect the developing trend towards a healthier lifestyle. A believer that the natural flavours of ingredients should be allowed to express themselves, he brings dedication, skill, passion and a spirit of adventure to cuisine at Vana.

Specialisation: Nutrition

Wellness Experts at Vana | Healing Holidays



Chef Rakesh Chamoli has been an integral part of Vana since its inception as a concept. He has more than a decade’s experience in food production. Chef Rakesh specialises in cheese making, food dehydration and preservation, natural probiotics, sous vide and plant-based raw foods.

Specialisation: Nutrition

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