Wellness Experts at Sen Wellness Sanctuary

01/03/2021, Healing Holidays

Find out more about the expert practitioners who will take care of you at Sen Wellness Sanctuary.


Resident Ayurvedic Doctor & Programme Director

Dr Shamilka directs the Sanctuary’s Ayurvedic programme and is a highly talented, dedicated and professional practitioner. She obtained her Degree in Ayurvedic Medicine from the University of Colombo and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to guide guests on their path to optimum health and wellbeing.

Having understood the value of this natural medical system from a young age, Dr Shamilka decided to train as an Ayurvedic Doctor so she could share this ancient wisdom for the benefit of others. She is committed to serving the long-term wellbeing of each of her patients, focussing on the state of their health and wellbeing in 10 years’ time, as well as 10 days’ time. Her caring and nurturing approach is gratefully received by guests and we are lucky to have her leading our Ayurvedic team.

“The best thing I enjoy about my role at the Sanctuary is I can get to know each guest and design a treatment programme especially for them. Giving proper guidance to my patients and taking care of them through this holistic concept is a joyful experience and it is a privilege for me to support guests and see the positive changes when they are here with us.”

Specialisation: Ayurveda

Wellness Experts at Sen Wellness Sanctuary | Healing Holidays


House Manager & Resident Ayurvedic Doctor

Dr Meneke has been with us since we opened the Sanctuary in 2014. She is our House Manager and we sometimes think of her as the wonderful Mother of our Sen Wellness family! She is highly competent at leading our team and works tirelessly to ensure the smooth running of the Sanctuary, with genuine care and devotion to providing guests with the best experience possible during their stay.
Furthermore, Dr Meneke is a highly skilled and compassionate Ayurvedic Doctor, with a Degree in Ayurvedic Medicine from the University of Colombo, and she supports Dr Shamilka in the delivery of our Ayurvedic programmes at the Sanctuary.
“My happiness is to see the guests’ physical, mental and emotional improvement as a result of my team’s highest dedication.”

Specialisation: Ayurveda


Buddhist Monk

Ven Nimala is a Buddhist Monk based at Somagiri International meditation centre. He visits the Sen Wellness Sanctuary twice a week to guide the guests in a mindfulness meditation followed by a healing gong bath. This takes place on our beautiful yoga shala overlooking the treetops. Ven Nimala also offers private 1:1 sessions with guests where they can seek guidance on any issues they are facing in their lives and ask any questions they may have about the practice of meditation.

Specialisation: Spiritual Consultation

Diona Scheffers

Yoga Teacher

Diona has been travelling and practising around the world since 2015. Her experiences have taught her that happiness isn't something we can validate externally, but rather it’s an internal state. It's a skill. A practice. A process that is different for everyone. Growth starts by creating more awareness, and facing your true inner state, both on the mat, and off. Expect to go beyond the ‘generic’ in her classes. For Dee it's important to share knowledge in a way that works for everyone uniquely, through slow-paced or more physical classes, Dee tries to help you think and feel for yourself. ‘Through mindfulness, through waking up and staying connected, you’ll make the right choice. Choose what works for you and revel in every opportunity to learn.’

Specialisation: Yoga


Yoga & Sound Healing Teacher

As a dancer and choreographer, Pleuni discovered yoga early in her life. Several years ago she left the Netherlands to travel the world teaching Scaravelli inspired Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga. Pleuni sees yoga practice as one flowing movement sequence, rather than separate postures. For her, the transitions from one posture to another are as important as the postures themselves. In her Vinyasa Flow classes, all the movements are connected. There is a constant pulsing of the body, the movement never stops and therefore brings you into a meditative state. In her classes you are invited to feel into your own body and move from deeply felt sensation, exploring the body’s natural way of moving. Pleuni’s Yin Yoga classes are very meditative and she creates a safe space for you to completely dive into your inner world and work through physical and emotional blockages in the body. In these Yin classes, she also uses Myo Fascial Release tools for deeper work and to release tension in the body.
Furthermore, Pleuni leads mantra circles and other ceremonies in which she works with the sound of her voice and several instruments for healing and transformation. Vibrations are a powerful tool to create harmony and bring us into a deep state of relaxation in which negative energies can be transformed. “I have been working with Sen Wellness for several years now. This beautiful place supports my work in every way I could wish for and gives me the perfect platform to guide people into a transformational journey.”

Specialisation: Vinyasa Flow | Yin Yoga | Sound Healing


Yoga, Meditation & Sound Healing Teacher

Eleanor started practising Kundalini Yoga & Meditation in 2008 and was amazed at the profoundly healing and transformative effects it had on all aspects of her life. This inspired her to complete her Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) certified Level 1 Teacher Training with Karam Kriya under Shiv Charan Singh in 2015 (220hrs) and Level 2 in 2019 (300hrs) and she now shares these teachings with gratitude and reverence. Eleanor has also completed Gong Master Training with Don Conreaux and Mehtab Benton and offers this form of sound healing at the end of her yoga classes as well as stand-alone gong bath sessions. Eleanor is an intuitive, warm and uplifting teacher, deeply committed to supporting people in connecting with themselves, working through their blocks and opening up to the experience of their true potential, coming home to the wisdom, strength and beauty that live within. Eleanor's classes are strong, yet nurturing: a space where students are supported to rise to the challenges they experience - physical, mental, emotional - and gain a sense of empowerment and elevation from growing in strength, awareness and resilience.

Specialisation: Kundalini Yoga | Meditation | Sound Healing


Yoga, Meditation & Gong Therapy Teacher

Victoria Amore shares the teachings of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, Gong therapy and sacred ceremony. Kundalini is the yoga of awareness. It aligns our mind, body and spirit to help us rise to the modern challenges we face in a world of change Authenticated by personal experiences, Victoria’s teaching methods fuse formal training with her intuition, her understanding of the Moon and her appreciation of the power of being a woman. Applying the principles of Kundalini Yoga, her classes give you full permission to connect to your inner strength, reclaim your power and recognise your true identity.

Specialisation: Kundalini Yoga | Meditation | Gong Therapy


Yoga Teacher

Sil first came across yoga when studying at the dance academy in Holland. During her yoga teacher training in Thailand she had the chance to delve deeper into the history and philosophy of yoga whilst discovering lots of new yoga styles. A whole new world opened up for her. She realised that yoga is not only a practise, but a lifestyle, a way of living and connecting with yourself and your perception of life. In her classes she likes it to connect her students with their bodies whilst trying to quieten the mind. Her Vinyasa classes are designed to calm the mind and energize the body. Sil’s Yin classes are all about surrender; opening up physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. ‘By using your body as a tool to master the mind you may be surprised what you can achieve, all by yourself, from what is already within you. You don't need anything or anyone else beside you to achieve your goals. It's all in YOU.’

Specialisation: Vinyasa Flow | Yin Yoga

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