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12/10/2020, Healing Holidays

Find out more about the expert practitioners who will take care of you at EPIC SANA Algarve.


Fitness Instructor

Freddy specialised in several areas of health and sport as an Assistant Physiotherapy and Sports Massage Technician, Specialist in Physical Exercise and also as a Physical Trainer and Football Training Methodologist.

In addition to these training courses, Freddy is always looking to enhance his knowledge, which leads him to attend various training courses in areas such as nutrition and sports hydration, prevention of sports injuries, functional training, boxing, among others.

He joined the EPIC SANA Algarve team in September 2015 as a Spa Therapist until April 2017 when he changed his role to become a Fitness Instructor. In this role, he is responsible for planning, guiding and prescribing physical exercise, assessing physical conditions, organising and planning sports activities and sporting events, in addition to being an instructor for several group classes held at EPIC SANA Algarve such as TRX, functional training, cycling, running, among others.

He has the motto of never giving up on his dreams and something he tells his clients is that when the mind wants the body to go after it, that nothing is impossible and everything is attainable.

Specialisation: Fitness


Yoga Instructor

João Gouveia discovered early his passion for spirituality and the importance of balancing body, mind and spirit. His interest and knowledge grew from year to year and, naturally, he developed a deep fascination for yoga and meditation. Although this interest started during his childhood in France, it was only when he arrived in Portugal that he started to study the different kinds of yoga and to work on his own techniques, the improvement of his skills and the creation of his own, distinctive style.

In 15 years he deepened his knowledge by taking various Reiki and yoga courses. He was a quantic Reiki and Ryono Kanon therapist for two years during which he applied the classic Mikao Usui method.

Today he gives workshops and teaches these methods and therapies himself, as well as instructing yoga classes at several Spas, academies and companies.

He developed his own yoga style, Cosmic Yoga, which he describes as yoga that involves all available techniques from many sources and variable practices. A very practical, advanced, open-minded yoga with meditation and breathing technics, which helps people to achieve a better understanding of the level of consciousness they can achieve.

Specialisation: Yoga


Mindfulness Coach

Renata began to develop her mindfulness teaching practice in2014, facilitating 1:1 intensive mindfulness stress reduction programmes in hotels.

Her mission is to serve as a Coach in the first steps of a transition into a happier, healthier and more meaningful life.

In her programmes she teaches mindfulness practices in a coherent, structured and personalised way, creating at the end of the programme a map that enables and empowers people to integrate the practices they've learnt into everyday life.

Specialisation: Mindfulness

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