Top Tips for a Stress-Free Christmas

Nicola Elliott

We deal with stress on a daily basis, often without even realising and Christmas sees those stress levels cranked up a good few notches when it should be a happy, relaxing and social time. So here are some essential Neom tips to de-stress in December and have yourself a calm Christmas.

The List:
“Firstly, the list is your friend,” says Neom founder Nicola Elliott. “Christmas often sees us juggling work, shopping, cooking, social lives and family commitments. You might not be a list-writer by nature, but jotting down reminders can help you feel less overwhelmed. The notes section of your phone is perfect – giving you instant list access when scouring the shopping aisles or squeezing in another date for festive drinks.”

Online is your friend:
Cancel, click and calm. By this, we mean to scale down and try not to do too much. Missing one party won’t hurt; equally, buying your food online instead of braving supermarket mayhem can really save your sanity.

Accept the indulgence:
At Christmas it’s hard to avoid excess, so don’t count the calories or missed gym visits - it’s one less thing to think about! “I acknowledge that it’s a short, finite period and give myself permission to deviate from my normal health and fitness routine,” admits Suzy Reading, Neom’s Psychologist.

Eat well when you can:
Processed food puts unnecessary burdens on your liver, the home of stress hormone cortisol. “Magnesium is a fantastic de-stressor as it acts as a muscle relaxant as well as being incredibly nutritious,” says Samantha Paget, Neom’s Nutrition Expert. “Foods containing magnesium include dark green leafy vegetables like kale and spinach, plus figs, apples, seeds and nuts.” You can happily reach for the mince pies later…

Stress tends to break down the protein in the body quite quickly. To redress the balance, include protein whenever you can - so don’t hold back on the turkey and smoked salmon.

Of course, dark chocolate:
Like we ever need any encouragement, research has shown that people who consume dark chocolate have lower levels of cortisol after a stressful situation. So swap the fondant creams for squares of 70% cocoa dark chocolate and you’ll actually be doing yourself some good!

Celebrate the nights in and burn the oils:
Whether it’s for pre-party pampering or just a mammoth pressie-wrapping session, our Real Luxury scent delivers a fantastic dose of calm. The bath oil and foam are both packed with 24 potent essential oils. Jasmine is known to lift the spirits, coupled with rosewood, which has a warming, balancing effect on the mind and body - and not forgetting ultra-relaxing lavender. A Neom Real Luxury reed diffuser will also release these amazingly comforting oils all month long, so pop one in the living room to see you through December evenings.

De-stress on the move: 
You can snatch moments of calm mid-shop with Neom’s therapeutic minis, which pack a serious punch. Spritz our Neom De-Stress On The Go Mist in a cloud above you, or roll the Neom Intensive Stress Relief Treatment on the pulse points of your wrists, temples and behind your ears, and practise some mindful breathing. Festive panic be gone! 

Manage your expectations: (and those of others).
We’re big on embracing our favourite Christmas traditions and delegating whatever else is left.  So if you love a neighbourly mulled wine on Christmas Eve, cook up a delicious festive brew and host a killer soiree. Then leave the pigs in blankets or Christmas tree buying to someone with more time on their hands.

Snatch some extra sleep!
An easy way to press reset and boost your immune system is to grab those extra zzz’s whenever you can. After a cheeky snooze in front of bad TV or an early night in between parties, you’ll soon feel revived and a lot less panicked. Spritz Neom’s Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist for extra-deep slumber and you’ll be ready for all that December throws at you! Merry Christmas. 

This is a guest blog post by Neom Organics Founder & Creative Director Nicola Elliott.


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