Top 5 Anti-ageing Retreats

Ageing is an inevitable part of life. Although it’s not a bad thing, we want to appear as youthful as we can for as long as we can. That’s why many of us are concerned about ageing; we want to look as young as we feel. However, the problem nowadays is people strive to cover up the ageing process with surgery and cosmetics, instead of tackling the factors that contribute towards ageing, such as diet, lack of sun protection and smoking, to name a few.

There are many factors which contribute towards ageing our skin, body and figure that can be so easily worked on. That’s why Healing Holidays’ anti-ageing retreats focus entirely on your health and wellbeing, ensuring you put the nutrients you need into your body to look and feel youthful for as long as possible.

Here at Healing Holidays, we offer plenty of rejuvenation treatments and anti-ageing retreats to choose from. So, to help you combat the ageing process in the best way you can, we’ve chosen five of our top anti-ageing retreats that could really benefit you.If you’re looking to unwind and embark on an anti-ageing retreat for yourself, discover more by visiting Healing Holidays online.

La Reserve Genève, Switzerland
La Reserve is situated in the tranquil setting of Lake Geneva and is home to a variety of anti-ageing programmes, designed to reintroduce sustainable vitality to your mind, body and skin. Stay from four to fourteen nights and explore the nutritional and fitness benefits of this wondrous retreat.

What sets La Reserve Genève apart from the crowd is the attention and dedication to anti-ageing assessment, including examinations of guests’ bone structure and movements, both of which are analysed by an osteopath. The results then determine which programme is best for you in order to improve balance, posture and overall bone structure that can make us look and feel older than we are.

The Nescens better ageing programme is a popular choice amongst guests at La Reserve, thanks to the vast mixture of treatments to improve your overall health and prevent signs of ageing. This includes recommended spa treatments, as well as fitness and diet plans, all of which will leave you looking and feeling younger for longer.

Vilalara Thalassa Resort, Portugal
The anti-ageing programmes available at Vilalara Thalassa Resort will take years off your complexion, as well as your figure.

Looking after your body is what keeps you looking and feeling younger, which is why Vilalara Thalassa Resort offers a range of anti-ageing treatments and programmes, ranging from your standard facial treatments and active toning to full-body wraps and weight loss draining.

Poor circulation can play a big part in the ageing process. This is because when your blood cannot circulate around properly your body cannot function as well, resulting in tired and lifeless skin. Poor circulation can prompt certain health concerns, too, including varicose veins and arthritis, both of which leave you feeling and looking older.

Practising yoga and other forms of light but effective exercise at Vilalara Thalassa Resort are great anti-ageing treatments; they get the blood in your body flowing and circulating properly, which has great and long-lasting benefits. The hydro jet pool at this resort is also a great way to improve your circulation, increasing your blood flow and consequently, your skin’s appearance.

Chiva Som, Thailand, South East Asia
Asia is extremely popular thanks to its health and wellness spas, as well as their focus on anti-ageing techniques. Chiva Som retreat is especially renowned for anti-ageing treatments. This luxurious international health resort is rooted in treating, purging, soothing and cleansing, being perfect for improving your health, body and skin – all of which contribute towards delaying the ageing process.

There’s even the option to try out spa cuisine classes, educating you on what foods are good for your body and overall health, and teaching you how to master these dishes yourself for when you continue your rejuvenation treatments back home.

L’Albereta, Italy, Europe
This rejuvenation retreat combines stunning architecture, sublime green surroundings and relaxing spa and wellness treatments and exercises.

The Anti-Age and Regenerating Henri Chenot Programme at L’Albereta is perfect for those looking to restore their youth, with programmes tailored to each individual guest, based on an initial diagnostic test, which establishes the biological age of the human body. This specialist test allows the educated practitioners at L’Albereta to suggest the best treatments that can help reduce your biological age, as well as advising guests on vitamin supplements and diet plans to keep them feeling healthier and fitter into an old age.

SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain
SHA Wellness Clinic is a luxury anti-ageing retreat, offering quality services that you simply won’t find from other wellness centres. There is an array of choice for guests at SHA Wellness Clinic who are looking to focus on anti-ageing techniques. Take the Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Unit located here, designed to find out more about your body to help resolve and combat the ageing process.

This relaxing retreat has its own specialised anti-ageing centre on-site, too, named as the SHA Wellness Anti-Ageing Medicine Unit. This focuses on slowing down the ageing process and introduces new treatments, medicines, exercises into your daily routine to improve your health, skin and overall attitude to life.

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