The Philosophy at Shillim

The Shillim Spa offers one of the largest and most comprehensive spa facilities in Asia. We spoke to the wellness experts at Shillim to discuss their wellness philosophy.

Shimlim's greatest inspiration is the ancient culture of South Asia and that Dharana is a way of life. At the heart of all South Asian culture is the ancient knowledge that all is energy and there is no separation, so to realise this in practical reality is the goal of all yogic practice. 

The Dharana Way Of Life

Dharana is the sixth stage, of eight elucidated by Patanjali's Ashtanga Yoga – a Yogic path, which entails forgetting oneself in the object of his or her meditation. In the modern world, our minds are constantly racing and so there is a constant need to feel steady for overall peace of mind. Through the use of Dharana, Shillim aims to help each individual that visits to achieve long-term internal and external wellbeing. Their philosophy focuses on helping you to choose lifestyle options that balance the energies and point to calmness and contentedness.

Achieving health and wellness goals require integrative and holistic understanding as you approach every day with both an awareness of health and of ourselves. Shimlim considers wellness to be the entirety of these elements; to their wellness experts, each building block has its own importance in their overall concept of Dharana. 

Preventative Medicine

The most important prerequisite for a successful wellness program is an in-depth assessment and diagnosis. At Dharana, any wellness journey begins with a thorough evaluation and diagnostic testing which helps determine each person's current health status needs. Their approach works in the direction of achieving optimal health and detecting aberrations in your health at an early stage using a combination of modern evaluation and traditional medication. 

Nutrition & Dietetics

The Dharana Food Philosophy was designed with today’s health-conscious consumers in mind to enrich their delight in organic ingredients, cooking and healthy eating. At Shillim, as your nutrition & dietetics is assessed, you will receive a diet in line with old Ayurveda traditions, working with ingredients known for their curative and nourishing benefits. 

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution is a crucial pillar of Dharana wellness that is quite transformative in nature that works towards ensuring a well functioned and optimum life. The Dharana approach firmly believes in meditation, visualization and conscious relaxation, and its beneficial effects. This can enhance physical health, mental clarity and spiritual development. 

Spiritual Wellbeing

The Dharana philosophy manoeuvres around the core Yoga philosophy – “Yogena Chitasya padena Vacha, malam shareerasya cha vaidyakena” which means the removal of impurities of the Mind, Body & Soul by various Yogic practices. With a heavy emphasis on yoga, pranayam and meditation, spiritual wellbeing gives a necessary calm and balance to your physical, mental and emotional being.

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