Dharana Wellness at Shillim

Dharana Wellness at Shillim

India, Indian Subcontinent

Located just three hours from the bustling metropolis of Mumbai in the serene mountains of the Western Ghats, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is Dharana Wellness at Shillim, a one-of-a-kind eco-wellness retreat offering a soothing sanctuary for body, mind and spirit.

Its tranquil setting aside, what really draws people to this all villa retreat is its unique wellness philosophy which combines the most advanced Western diagnostics with traditional age-old Eastern Ayurvedic practice to help heal, prevent and transform. Bespoke wellness programmes ranging from detox to yoga to stress management blend modern medical diagnostics – such as DiSC (Dominance Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness) profiling or polysomnography sleep analysis with ancient Ayurvedic treatments like herbal oil massages, synchronised abhyanga massages and much more - all of which are carried out using seeds, flowers, roots and oils grown and produced locally.

When not undergoing treatments, guests can experience daily yoga, meditation and fitness classes and enjoy the property’s amenities, which include a swimming pool and several restaurants or explore the stunning natural beauty of the surrounding area on hiking expeditions.

Please note: This property will reopen on 15 Jun 2021

   Nearest Airport: Mumbai
   Transfer Time: Approx. 3 hours

Sharing from £655.00£655.00 pp
Singles from £945.00£945.00 pp
Sharing from £715.00£715.00 pp
Singles from £1025.00£1025.00 pp

Including transfers, accommodation, full board and a 3 night programme

Recommended for

Emotional Healing | Weight Management | Detox | Ayurveda

Room Types

This eco wellness retreat offers one of the largest and most comprehensive spa facilities in Asia. Spread over 70 acres of the estate, and with over 90 treatments on offer, you’ll be spoilt for choice. There are 17 treatment rooms, a meditation cave and a relaxation centre along with a salon and yoga pavilion. 

Bhutanese massageDeep tissue massageHot stone massageAbhyanga
Energising and detoxifying scrub
Dry cupping
Colon hydrotherapy
Amethyst gel wrap


Located next to the meditation pond in the spa, this restaurant specialises in organic dishes (using ingredients from the resort’s gardens) to complement your spa programme.


Sample a selection of refreshing local and international teas amidst scenic surroundings at The Tea Lounge, located next to The Green Table.


Dine at this unique venue situated on the banks of a beautiful seasonal waterfall, overlooking the valley.


Offering spectacular views of the Sahyadris, the Mountain Bar & Bistro offers a light menu, with delicious dishes ranging from pasta to fresh stone-baked pizzas.


This elegant all-day dining restaurant showcases the finest international and Indian cuisine.

  • Daily health talks
  • Horse riding
  • Paragliding (seasonal)
  • Pottery
  • Cycling
  • Dance
  • Fishing
  • Organic cooking workshops
  • Sustainable farming workshops
  • Visit the Buddhist caves of Karla
  • Outdoor pool
  • Spa
  • Restaurants
  • Hiking trail
  • Jogging track
  • Meditation cave
  • Pottery & dance studio
  • Yoga pavilion
  • Children's activities, menu, cribs etc...

Dharana Wellness at Shillim is tucked almost untouchably high up in the serene mountains of the Western Ghats, a UNESCO World Heritage site that is recognised as one of the world’s top biological diversity hotspots.

Directions to Dharana Wellness at Shillim:

Travelling by plane

  • Mumbai Airport - approx. 3 hours
Healing Holidays Exclusive Offer

Room & Programme Discount

Enjoy a 50% room & programme discount when you book a stay between 01 Oct 2021 - 20 Dec 2022.
Book by 31 Aug 2021. T&C's apply.

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Shillim Dharana Life
Dharana Wellness at Shillim | India
3 or 5 nights

Embark on a new journey of discovery to reconnect with oneself & create mindfulness in everything you do. The world-class wellness experts will customise this program to help you through goals of detox, lifestyle change, diet shifts, and treks to challenge your physique or yogic learning’…

Sharing from £655.00£655.00 pp
Singles from £945.00£945.00 pp
Dharana Resilience Retreat
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5 or 7 nights

Dharana Resilience is the perfect programme for those wishing to reduce and better manage their stress levels.Through a combination of consultations, nutrition, exercise, counselling and various treatments and therapies, your body and mind will be taught how to deal more effectively with stress, he…

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Singles from £1459.00£1459.00 pp
Dharana Rasayana Retreat
Dharana Wellness at Shillim | India
5 or 7 nights

If you are looking to boost your immunity through natural methods then the Dharana Rasayana programme could be the right one for you. Through a combination of consultations, nutrition, exercise and various Ayurvedic treatments, your body will learn how to react more effectively to viral, bacterial …

Sharing from £1039.00£1039.00 pp
Singles from £1459.00£1459.00 pp
Shillim The Dharana Endurance
Dharana Wellness at Shillim | India
5, 7 or 14 nights

With a detailed personalised fitness and endurance consultation, a sustainable fitness program & postural correction is drawn out which includes but is not limited to Aerobics, Power Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Pilates, Aqua Aerobics, Nature Fitness Trails, Trekking, TRX training. The training emphasi…

Sharing from £1039.00£1039.00 pp
Singles from £1459.00£1459.00 pp
Shillim Dharana De-stress - MINBOS
Dharana Wellness at Shillim | India
5, 7 or 14 nights

Dharana- MINBOS (Mind Body & Soul) is a comprehensive program for busy executives who are always under stress and under high risk of major illnesses. The program provides preventive practices to help fight stress and its effects and eliminates it through therapies and lifestyle changes.

Sharing from £1039.00£1039.00 pp
Singles from £1459.00£1459.00 pp
Shillim Dharana Yogic Life
Dharana Wellness at Shillim | India
5, 7 or 14 nights

Delve into your consciousness, your true self & discover higher purposes of life. A unique combination of Yogic practices, Ayurveda & Sattvic Diet right at the foothills of Sahyadri will leave you with an experience like never before. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind and a healthy min…

Sharing from £1039.00£1039.00 pp
Singles from £1459.00£1459.00 pp
Shillim Art of Detox
Dharana Wellness at Shillim | India
5, 7 or 14 nights

Expel oxidants that suffocate your whole system through this non-conventional detoxification process. An educative & indulging itinerary for your stay will be drawn out to include therapies such as open Hydro colon cleansing, Ku Nye Tibetan Ritual, Ayurveda Panchakarma, Chinese Cupping & Mo…

Sharing from £1039.00£1039.00 pp
Singles from £1459.00£1459.00 pp
Shillim Sustainable Weight Management
Dharana Wellness at Shillim | India
7, 14, 21 or 28 nights

The key to this sustainable weight management program is contrasting to the extreme adaptations, restrictions or aggressive changes to your lifestyle by combining conventional analysis with Ayurveda Shodhana procedures to eliminate Ama (toxins), correct your metabolism, promote absorption of core e…

Sharing from £1419.00£1419.00 pp
Singles from £1975.00£1975.00 pp
Shillim Ayurveda Panchakarma
Dharana Wellness at Shillim | India
7, 14 or 21 nights

Panchakarma or Pentacleansing comprises techniques of detoxification of toxins such as Vamana, Virechana, Nasya, Anuvasana Vasti & Kashaya Vasti from the body. It is one of the oldest healing Ayurveda dating back to about 5000 years. The therapies are designed for a wholesome cleansing, rejuven…

Sharing from £1419.00£1419.00 pp
Singles from £1975.00£1975.00 pp
Shillim Dharana Age Reversal
Dharana Wellness at Shillim | India
7 or 14 nights

Trust in Ayurveda for radiating and glowing skin. This unique program will enhance your beauty through carefully chosen beauty treatments while cleansing the mind and spirit through Pranayama & meditation. A complete holistic approach, it prevents the effects of ageing and gives a radiating glo…

Sharing from £1419.00£1419.00 pp
Singles from £1975.00£1975.00 pp
Shillim Healing Holiday
Dharana Wellness at Shillim | India
14 or 21 nights

A corrective lifestyle coaching with an indigenous & traditional approach from Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy and holistic sciences makes the Healing Holiday program a perfect wellness indulgence for your next holiday. With an integrative approach to your ailment may it be Diabetes, Arthritis, Ast…

Sharing from £2755.00£2755.00 pp
Singles from £3785.00£3785.00 pp
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