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12/01/2021, Longevity Wellness

Complex chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiac disease, cancer, mental illness, and autoimmune disorders are on the rise in our population, and meeting these problems requires a new approach to medicine. Longevity is about being proactive and making the best decisions now about your overall health and happiness tomorrow. At Longevity, they focus on 5 key pillars of medicine - Preventive, Personalised, Holistic, Integrative & Regenerative.


Longevity was created to address a fundamental flaw in modern medical thinking: the failure to prevent future health problems. Although nearly any complex, chronic illness has long-term warning signs, traditional medicine focuses solely on acute treatment, diagnosing short-term symptoms or traumas, and treating the immediate problem with specific, prescribed medications or surgeries. Longevity's approach on the other hand is to prevent the onset of complex, chronic diseases. This entails taking into consideration an individual's particular genetic makeup as well as the impact of their current lifestyle on them, examining the underlying causes of disease, and prescribing nutrition, diet, detox, and exercise techniques, as well as regenerative therapies, to not only cure but to prevent disease.


Their personalised and integrative approach allows them to gain a better understanding of how genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors can affect the guests' long-term health. Their approach is based on science, but it focuses on treating the individual rather than the disease. They concentrate on the biochemically unique aspects of each individually when developing a health and wellness plan customised to their needs, designing bespoke treatments that help restore their physiological, psychological, and structural equilibrium.


Shifting the attention from the illness to the individual, however, means that every aspect of the guest's health has to be focused on, instead of an isolated set of symptoms. While looking at how the complex web of interactions between their history, physiology and lifestyle may be causing illness, the focus also has to be on wider causes and influences, deeply examining internal (mind, body, and spirit) and external (physical and social environment) factors that could be damaging their long-term health and wellbeing.


A broader understanding is one thing, but there is still the need to have the right tools in place to deal with what we have learnt. By integrating traditional Western medical methods with complementary medicine therapies, wellness practices and eastern ancient wisdom, the experts at Longevity are able to act decisively and effectively on any early warning signs that are detected. Using the latest laboratory and diagnostic techniques, they tailor the best mix of pharmaceuticals, natural remedies, physical activity, supplements, therapeutic diets, detoxification programmes, regenerative therapies, stress management and energy rebalancing techniques from an incredibly diverse world of healing solutions.


One thing to remember is that the human body has an immense capacity to self-heal its own imbalances, and we should strive to maximise our ability to do so as soon as possible. Apart from treating and preventing diseases, Longevity is also concerned with ensuring that the guests unleash the formidable capacities of their body and mind by encouraging the detoxification and regeneration of their tissues, organs, and cells, as well as rebalancing their energy fields.

It is known that deficiencies and toxins build up over time before resulting in irreversible cellular inflammation. This gives you the time to help identify these issues early on, through routine assessments and monitoring, to delay, or even avoid, the resulting disease. Specific medical, genetic and hormonal tests, as well as differentiated premium biochemical assessments and the conventional clinical exams & imaging of their partner HPA, allow them to check for signs of pre-disease or any predisposition to neurodegenerative diseases, premature ageing, obesity, cancer and diabetes. From this, they will determine which health and wellness treatments are best for the guest's individual needs.

The five pillars of wellness at Longevity are all about the detection, prevention and treatment of disease-related to cellular ageing.

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