How The Waters At Terme Di Saturina Can Help With Dermatological & Respiratory Diseases

27/05/2024, Terme Di Saturnia Golf & Spa Resort

Discover how the waters at Terme Di Saturnia Golf & Spa Resort can help those suffering from dermatological and respiratory diseases.

There are numerous therapeutic properties of the thermal water of Saturnia, which has been flowing continuously for over 3,000 years. Its healthy effects are not limited only to the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal system, but also extend to respiratory function and skin health.

The water of the Terme di Saturnia begins its long underground journey to flow to the surface at a temperature of 37.5° C.

Rich in hydrogen sulphide , carbon dioxide and bicarbonate , it naturally stimulates tissue regeneration by accelerating the process of eliminating all the body's waste substances. In particular, hydrogen sulphide has a keratoplastic and keratolytic action, meaning it acts as a natural exfoliant, useful for cell renewal. It is therefore strictly indicated for some skin pathologies, such as psoriasis, allergic dermatitis, mycosis, eczema, acne and much more. A second important quality is given by the immune support of the respiratory system. Inhaled, drunk or through baths, the antioxidant, purifying and detoxifying characteristics of the water from the Saturnia thermal spring releases its power within every single drop.

Support for the respiratory system

Scientific evidence proves the effectiveness of Saturnia water in treating pharyngitis, tonsillitis, chronic and allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, rhinogenic deafness, chronic bronchitis and chronic rhino-sinuso-bronchial syndrome. Significant improvements are recorded in both adults and children, due to the adjuvant contribution to the renewal of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, which are freed from the secretions in their bronchi. The active synergy of precious elements, salts and minerals, contained in this thermal water of volcanic origin and assimilated underground from the beginning of its journey, constitutes a great natural treasure and contributes to promoting the well-being of respiratory functions.

How The Waters At Terme Di Saturina Can Help With Dermatological & Respiratory Diseases

Support for the skin

With beneficial antioxidant, anti-inflammatory , antibacterial and immunostimulant virtues, the water of the Terme di Saturnia represents a valid remedy to protect the skin and help the healing of wounds. Its healing action depends mainly on the Saturnia Bioplankton® contained in it, an organic-mineral substance of gelatinous consistency and variable color which develops in the source in contact with the air.

Bioplankton, or thermal benthòs, is an aquatic organism that lives in close contact with the seabed. Thanks to the sun and high temperatures, this priceless biogenic treasure grows and emerges naturally in the thermal park.

An extensive bibliography composed of in vitro and ex-vivo clinical studies prove the evident antioxidant efficacy of the phytocomplex.

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