The VIVAMAYR Principle

12/08/2019, VIVAMAYR

The VIVAMAYR philosophy is all about combining modern complementary medicine with traditional diagnostics and therapies according to F.X. Mayr. Once your condition has been treated, proper nutrition combined with exercise and improved mental awareness become the building blocks of your new life. This philosophy and insight about nutrition and regeneration will help shape a healthier lifestyle as you discover yourself on a deeper level. 

"New life begins where ancient wisdom meets modern science."


Medical treatments developed by Dr F.X. Mayr assume we can "become healthy, happy, and more efficient" by temporarily changing our normal diet. Regular (lifelong) fasting leads to greater health by observing specific dietary guidelines and changing eating habits.


The VIVAMAYR principle was developed on the basis of Modern Mayr Medicine: a unique therapy of disciplined nutritional guidelines combined with modern holistic medicine and complementary procedures including Functional Myodiagnostics (A.K.) and Orthomolecular Medicine. The diagnostic care is supported by appropriate naturopathic applications, resulting in a unique health experience for optimal wellbeing. The core values and methods are continually evaluated and optimised ensuring guests receive the most up-to-date treatments and services.


The four principles of Modern Mayr Medicine are designed to Destress, Cleanse, Train and Substitute. In other words, the entire organism requires rest, specifically the digestive system, followed by detoxification, training in proper chewing, and supplementing with individually prescribed minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Tuning into your health and well-being is a memorable experience of self-discovery nurtured by optimal medical and exercise in a re-vitalising atmosphere.


Orthomolecular medicine is a complementary medical treatment using individually tailored supplements to treat biochemical imbalances. A variety of minerals, trace elements, vitamins, essential fatty acids, amino acids, plants and vital substances are used to bring harmony back to the system.


Functional Myodiagnostics also known as Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) is used to determine disorders of the musculoskeletal system, body metabolism and the psyche. A triggered stimulus causes a change in muscle strength and this biofeedback indicates the direction of your prescribed therapy. It is an effective alternative medical diagnostic and therapeutic method.


At VIVAMAYR, you will learn life-changing and empowering dietary habits. You will learn how to strengthen the body through proper nutrition, rather than just satiating yourself with food. There is great emphasis on slow, mindful eating, where you will learn behaviours that nourish your body and mind, whilst respecting food sensitivities. Your body will get the nutrients it needs to metabolize efficiently, engage in healing and restore balance. During this process, you will develop new strength and a refreshed lightness of being. It is important that you enjoy your meals leisurely and with all of your senses. High-quality ingredients are selected and prepared for you by gourmet master chefs. The cuisine does not sacrifice taste or flavour and you will experience the pleasure of delicious, flavoursome foods at every meal.

Find out new ways to experience the essence of flavours, develop a new and impeccable sense of what is good for you and your body. Learn how to taste intensely and how to preserve these sensory experiences. The experts at VIVAMAYR will assist you in this sensory evolution.


At VIVAMAYR, exercise is an important part of the philosophy and your daily health regimen. Movement promotes circulation and enhances digestive functions. The experienced team will create an individualised programme that focuses on movements that please and motivate your body, as you integrate physical activity into your new lifestyle.


Creating a new lifestyle requires both discipline and mental fortitude. Old habits are difficult to release from years of repetitive behaviour. At VIVAMAYR you will learn how mental fortitude and the ability to follow goal-oriented principles will give you the confidence to leave your comfort zone for positive change. A better life awaits you after mastering these skills.

By changing your diet and lifestyle, you are ready to begin the important process of detoxification, renewal and self-discovery. At VIVAMAYR, you will take these initial steps as you continue along a path towards better wellbeing.

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