The Most Life-Changing Wellness Retreats

People go away on retreats for all kinds of different reasons, to detox, to lose weight, to fix whatever issues they may be experiencing, but the underlying theme behind most people’s trips is the desire to change their lives. For some, shifting a few pounds and discovering a newfound sense of confidence is enough to deem a retreat life-changing, but for others a more dramatic transformation is required that only a select few retreats can offer.


Vana Malsi Estate, India

When it comes to the more spiritual side of things, there is arguably no retreat more life-changing than Vana Malsi Estate, it even won an award for this very reason at the 2016 Condé Nast Traveller Spa Awards. At Vana there is no set programme, every person that arrives is treated as an individual and picks their own personal goals in an initial consultation, ensuring their exact needs are addressed. Found in a remote and tranquil part of Northern India, guests will benefit from the effects of Chinese medicine, Tibetan healing, and Ayurveda to leave feeling like a whole new person.

Many can attest to the transformative powers of Vana Malsi Estate, with guests consistently returning feeling refreshed, fulfilled, and eager to go back and experience it again. Described as ‘extraordinary [and] exquisite’ by one previous guest Jessica, it is an echo of the masses when it comes to the effectiveness of Vana’s personalised programme. Another guest Claire praised ‘I have never felt more connected with myself and the world around me than when I was in the serene haven of Vana, I had the chance to learn so much about myself while there that even now when I’m back at home I am still reaping the benefits and noticing the positive changes it has brought to my life’. The reviews speak for themselves when it comes to Vana, if you are seeking a transformation this is one retreat you simply must try.

  Vana Malsi Estate Vana Malsi Estate


Lanserhof Tegernsee, Germany

While Vana may adopt a spiritual approach, a resort on the other end of the spectrum but equally life-changing is Lanserhof Tegernsee. A top of the range medical-spa (another Conde Nast Traveller Spa Award winner in fact), like Vana there is no pre-determined programme here, instead everyone takes the Lanserhof Cure Classic and is prescribed a personal programme after an initial consultation – but from here is where the similarities tend to end. Lanserhof is less about the traditional approach to healing found at Vana and more about using the very best in modern technology, testing, and treatments to make sure you see results, and fast.

As one previous guest SP so simply puts it, a stay at Lanserhof Tegernsee is ‘a truly life-changing experience’. Offering every manner of treatment you could possible think of; no problem is too trivial or too great for the doctors at Lanserhof to help you with. As guest Michelle told us ‘I went mainly to detox after feeling slightly more sluggish than usual and hoping for something to perk me up a bit - I left feeling completely transformed, as if the clock had been turned back. I have new levels of energy I don’t think I have experienced in years, I’m determined to carry on with as much of the programme as possible to sustain these incredible results’. When it comes to the most life-changing retreats in Europe, Lanserhof Tegernsee secures one of the top spots.

   Lanserhof Tegernsee Lanserhof Tegernsee


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