The Importance Of Sleep For Healthy Living

16/03/2022, Zulal Wellness Resort By Chiva Som

Sleep is an integral part of holistic wellness and is crucial for the body to function properly. It provides the muscles and organs with enough time to rest, to recover from illness and injury and aids in bolstering physical strength and the immune system. It is also essential for mental health, giving the brain a hiatus to relax from emotional and cognitive tasks processed during the day.

Sharing their insights about sleeping patterns, Zulal Wellness Resort's experts emphasised the multitude of sleep stages that form a good night’s sleep, including the lighter – non-rapid eye movement (NREM) cycle and deeper – rapid eye movement (REM) cycles, that repeat several times throughout the recommended 8-hour sleep cycle. Reaching the deeper - REM stages of sleeps is crucial to feel rested.

Zulal Wellness' Health and Wellness Advisors also stated that insufficient or excessive sleep can be the root of major health issues, including cardiovascular diseases, obesity, mood disorders and dementia, affecting cognitive and social abilities. Lack of sleep for children, especially school-aged, can lead to emotional difficulties, including depression, hyperactivity, and poor school performance. People tend to become more irritated and emotionally volatile if they do not get enough sleep which is related to amygdala activity – part of the brain triggering negative feelings, such as anger.

Purnima Siddhanta, Zulal Wellness Resort’s Holistic Manager, said: “As any holistic teaching, Traditional Arabic Islamic Medicine fully embraces the power of sleep and its impact on health and wellness. Reinstating emotional balance and tackling obesity issues – common consequences of the lack of sleep and frequent in Qatar – Traditional Arabic Islamic Medicine methods also help to prevent even more serious health issues that can derive from consistent sleep insufficiency, such as Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease’.

Traditional Arabic Islamic Medicine sheds light on sleep as a soothing power, helping to prevent diseases caused by the imbalances in our body. According to Traditional Arabic Islamic Medicine teachings, including high-vitamin and nutritious food like bananas, walnuts, kale, lettuce leaves, sweet potatoes, grapefruits, honey, saffron, almonds and herbal tea to the daily diet will help with improving the quality of sleep. It is also recommended to avoid heavy meals before going to bed and it is suggested to take a warm bath and treat yourself to a warm olive oil foot massage in the evening.

Further recommended sleep practices include creating a digital-free environment by removing all gadgets from the bedroom, such as having an overnight charging area located in another part of the home. It is also crucial for parents to educate their kids about a healthy bedtime routine, by introducing special evening rules and by setting a good example.

Joelle El Khoury, Family & Child Specialist at Zulal Wellness Resort, said: “While sleep is fundamental for adults, it is even more so for children – pre-schoolers need to sleep 10-13 hours a day and school-aged children – from 9 to 11 hours per day. Sleep hygiene and the correct bedtime routines affect the overall family’s wellbeing, helping to avoid emotional exhaustion and reduce anxiety of all family members”.

Joelle added that it is recommended to avoid watching, listening, or reading anything that is upsetting, conflict-filled and anxiety-provoking – content that children should ideally not be exposed to. According to her, ensuring complete darkness in the bedroom is also beneficial for sleep and the production of melatonin, a hormone crucial for regulation of sleep and wakefulness regulation.

By sharing their holistic solutions, Zulal Wellness Resort's specialists aim to spread the culture of wellness in Qatar and the region, favouring prevention over cure and long-term solutions over short-term fixes. At Zulal Wellness Resort, the right sleep hygiene will be powered by family bonding, no-screen activities, exercise, and fitness routines beneficial for sleep quality for the whole family. In addition, consultants will provide support to families and individuals that will provide them with the necessary tools to boost their wellbeing in everyday life.

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