The Benefits Of Going On A Digital Detox Retreat

In today’s tech-powered world, it can sometimes seem impossible to escape technology. From the constant beeping and buzzing of your mobile phones to the glare from your computer screen at work, technology follows us everywhere.

Eventually, many of us experience a sensory overload and need to unplug from the digital universe and have an electronic detox. This is where taking a digital break and going to a tech-free retreat comes in.

An electronic detox at a tech-free retreat is especially beneficial to the likes of busy professionals, who can find it especially difficult to get away from electronics. The likes of smartphones, email and social media means that we are contactable at any time of the day or night.

So many of us find it difficult to not check our work emails after work, over the weekend and even when we are on holiday. This makes it harder for us to switch off, which affects our mental health and causes unnecessary stress and worry.

A digital detox retreat gives you the opportunity to go on an electronic detox and revitalise your mind and body. Here are just a few benefits of going to retreats where use of electronic devices is heavily limited or banned entirely

A better night’s sleep
Taking a digital break has been directly linked with improving the quality and length of your sleep. If you are using technology all the time, especially late at night, it has been proven to cause insomnia.

The artificial light generated from our laptops, computers, phones and tablets has the power to suppress the hormone melatonin. As a result, we are left feeling wide awake and alert at a time when we need to feel drowsy and relaxed. This can make it extremely difficult to get a decent night’s sleep.

One of the key benefits of visiting a tech-free retreat, where these devices are nowhere to be found, is that you are able to switch off mentally and physically. This means that when it comes to lights-out, you are calm and ready for a full eight hours of rest.

An electronic detox can help depression
While social media has brought the world together, it has also done plenty of work to make us feel more disconnected than ever before. Checking into your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts and seeing other people posting about their seemingly perfect lives can have extremely detrimental effects on your mental health.

UK psychologists have found that there is a strong link between depression and excessive internet use. A visit to a tech-free retreat will help you to unplug and get outside in nature, which has been proven to lift your state of mind and aid in the treatment of depression.

Disconnect and reconnect
A digital break helps you to regain a sense of what is really important in life. It allows you to reflect on the areas of your life you have neglected and prioritise. After an electronic detox, you will feel less tempted to continually stare at your screen. This encourages you to step outside and exercise, as well as spend more time with your family and friends.

Socialising has also been proven to be extremely beneficial for your mental health, so you will feel the benefits of a tech-free retreat long after you have left.

An electronic detox can help you to de-stress, particularly from work. Once you have completed your programme, the need to constantly check your inbox at all hours will be seriously reduced, allowing you to get more pleasure out of life. The endless checking of emails, social media and texts leads to an increase of the stress hormone, Cortisol, which inevitably leads to much higher stress levels.

A digital detox retreat works to ensure your stress is left behind and you no longer feel the compulsion to constantly check your digital platforms.

The various exercises and meditation techniques taught to you at a tech-free retreat will mean you can continue these practices when you get home. This ensures your stress levels stay minimal, long after you have completed your stay.
Increased attention span
Spending vast amounts of time on technology has a diminishing effect on our attention spans, particularly when we are using several different pieces of technology at one time. A huge benefit of a digital break is that it helps to restore your attention span by teaching you to focus your energy on one thing at a time. This is also beneficial for your loved ones, meaning they now have your undivided attention when speaking to you.

An electronic detox is also useful for improving your memory. It has been suggested that a digital break helps you to remember more obscure and minute pieces of information. A tech-free retreat will help you to absorb more information in conversations and in literature. The ability to store information properly is a crucial part of bonding and forming relationships with other people. Therefore, a digital detox retreat also helps you to form and maintain a more meaningful social life, as well.

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