The Benefits Of Dry January

There are many benefits to abstinence this January, not just some New Year love for our livers.

Decreased Appetite And Weight Loss

Most alcoholic beverages are laden with calories, with little or no nutritional value. Quitting the bottle will definitely make your trousers looser and will shift some kilos. It will also help improve your metabolism and make your liver function more efficiently. Many also notice that they feel less hungry, and those late-night snacks that can follow a drinking session will become a thing of the past.

Better Sleep

Whilst alcohol can definitely make you sleep and has that sedative effect, you typically fall straight into a deep sleep. However, you do miss the very important rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and will wake early or several times during the night. The sleep induced from drink does not leave you refreshed and ready for the day ahead, so you miss out on all the benefits of sleep, like being alert and productive in your day and having a more balanced hormonal system. Lack of quality sleep can also make you more hungry and more likely to snack up throughout the day.

Improved Mental Health And Better Mood

Whilst drinking in moderation is perfectly fine for your mental health, daily and increased consumption can certainly lead to mood swings and to feeling blue. The increased challenges that we encounter during COVID are best faced with a clear head and not with the fuzzy after-effects of alcohol. We can feel more overwhelmed when not at our drink-free best; it has negative effects on our thinking skills and with mental activities such as problem-solving and memory. We are more likely to be more emotional, which can definitely impact on our mental health.

More Money In Your Pocket

A month off the booze, depending on your tipple of choice and the amount you consume, can certainly add up at the tills. You can save some money here for better times ahead.

Better Skin

Alcohol can cause dehydration, and our skin is the first organ to display this. It can also cause inflammation and reduce collagen levels, and who the heck needs that?

Improved Immunity

Alcohol interferes with your immune system, preventing it from producing enough white blood cells to fend off germs and bacteria. Even a month off the liquor will help to kickstart your immune system, which is all the more timely and important during these times of COVID.

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