The Basics - Choosing the Perfect Running Shoe

When it comes to running shoes, there is no such thing as the 'perfect fit' as everyone has different needs. For instance, circumstances such as your biomechanics, weight, the surfaces you run on and the shape of your feet mean that one individual's ideal shoe can be an awful fit for the next person. In order to find a running shoe that suits you, we have put together a few factors to consider.


Structures shoes, also known as stability shoes are recommended for runners who generally have normal to low arches. Such runners tend to need a shoe with a combination of midsole cushioning and good support. 


For most runners, a neutral shoe is recommended. This type of shoe has little to no built-in support and can feature very little cushioning much like a racing shoe. These types of shoes are best for biomechanically efficient runners with normal to high arches.  

Others Types of Running Shoes

Within the categories of structures and neutral shoes, there are also a variety of sub-categories depending on how you want your shoe to work for you. For instance, a performance running shoe (for long distances and cross country) may have a stack height from 0-4mm 

Shoe Size

Many would believe that if you wear a size 9 in your normal shoes then that would be the size you would wear for your running shoes. However, this is not always the case. When you run, you place an increasing amount of force through your foot, making it spread inside the shoe to a greater degree than walking. It is always wise to get your feet measured by a reputable running shop before purchasing your first shoe. 

However, if you are not able to go to a running shop, the general rule is there should be a thumbs width of space between the top of your big toe and the front of your shoe. This may not be the perfect way of finding out if this is the right size of shoe, nevertheless, it will ensure that you are comfortable when running. 

Changing Shoes

It is always advised that you replace your running shoes after 6 months or around 300 miles of usage. This is due to the fact that the cushioning within the running shoe becomes less responsive as it thins down.

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