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01/06/2021, Ayurveda Resort Mandira

Nestled in Austria’s Styrian hill country is Ayurveda Resort Mandira, a holistic Ayurveda retreat, which offers treatments based on solid traditional Ayurvedic foundations but tailored to Western lifestyles. Read on to find out more about their unique spa philosophy.


Ayurvedic philosophy (the Sanskrit word Ayurveda means ‘knowledge of life’) considers every human to be part of nature and composed of the five elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Ether (space) that make up the universe. These Elements determine a person’s constitution and temperament.

In Ayurveda, the three life energies or bioenergies, the VATA, PITTA and KAPHA Doshas, are derived from the five primal elements. An imbalance, either of the Elements or the Doshas, leads to disease and distress of both the body and mind. The teachings of Ayurveda, therefore, advise a holistic view of a person and their lifestyle.


Why Holistic Ayurveda and not simply the Indian original? Because European life is quite unlike life in India.

The Holistic Ayurveda approach combines the best of both worlds, Ayurvedic and European. The differences between India and Europe are reflected in their respective climates, foods and routine needs and challenges. For this reason, Ayurveda Resort Mandira analysed the teachings of Ayurveda in detail before adapting them to suit the requirements and lifestyles of Europeans. Mandira has developed new methods, formulations and treatments, and combined them with additional healing and therapeutic methods tailored to the western society.

Holistic Ayurveda’s focus lies in identifying the causes of symptoms and solving the underlying problems for which patients often have difficulty finding adequate treatment within the scope of conventional therapies and treatments.

With this approach, Ayurveda Resort Mandira has developed eight pillars that form the basis of all the programmes they offer helping you improve your health and holistic wellbeing. Based on the eight pillars resting on profound knowledge and professional competence, the Mandira’s Ayurvedic and naturopathic treatments are combined with modern medical methods to provide holistic diagnosis, inform the selection of therapeutic or preventive measures to be taken or purely to obtain information about a guest’s current state of health. The eight pillars of Holistic Ayurveda are as below:

Health Med

A symbiosis of conventional and alternative medicine: The Holistic Ayurveda concept integrates conventional medicine with alternative healing methods. The resort's GP, Dr Verena Zuleger, is also responsible for Ayurvedic diagnostics and the range of treatments available at the Ayurveda Resort Mandira. She also looks after their guests, exercising both her conventional and complementary medical expertise.

Consultation & Treatment

Ayurvedic medicine and Panchakarma: At the start of your stay, Mandira's Ayurveda experts carry out a detailed pulse diagnosis and ask questions about your medical history to determine your Dosha type as well as your current physical and emotional state of health. This forms the basis for the personal treatment plan drawn up for each guest, including Ayurvedic treatments and alternative healing methods.

Healing Spirit

Holistic coaching and kinesiology: The Holistic Ayurveda philosophy is designed to guide people on their journey to a fulfilled and balanced lifestyle. With mind coaching, holistic coaching, holistic pulsing, ESQ and kinesiology, Mandira strive to help their guests achieve an autonomous, happy life, filled with self-confidence and ease.

Prevention & Regeneration

Special techniques and energy work: For prevention and regeneration, Ayurveda Resort Mandira offers a tailor-made selection of energetic treatments and massages, as well as complementary medical treatments.

Skin Solutions

Natural beauty and anti-ageing: When it comes to beauty treatments for the face, Mandira uses high-quality products by SOTHYS. This French family business promotes the idea of sustainable beauty with products that are respectful of both skin and environment. As advocates of green chemistry, SOTHYS pay attention to an ecologically responsible production process – from research to extraction and packaging.

Mandira Ahara

Ayurvedic and regional nutrition: Eat your way to wellbeing – that’s the Ayurveda Mandira philosophy! Nutrition is an important pillar of Ayurvedic therapy. Their kitchen brigade produces wholesome, tasty dishes made with regionally sourced ingredients. Depending on the guest's Ayurveda or spa treatment programme, they benefit from one of four Mandira Ahara nutritional levels for optimal health results.

Yoga & Meditation

Mind, spirit and body in balance: Yoga, meditation and mindfulness help us to find our centre and be at peace with ourselves. By using conscious breathing techniques, concentration exercises and relaxation, we can focus completely on the moment and free ourselves from obstructive thoughts. In addition to daily Yoga and meditation sessions, the Mandira also offers special Yoga retreats.

Exercise & Regenration

Fit, healthy and happy: Time to get active! Exercise feels good and harmonises body and soul. Whether your preference is for Yoga, Smovey Aquafit, fascia training, Nordic walking or cycling, the resort and the surrounding Styrian hill country offer countless opportunities to get your blood pumping. Therapeutic movement is essential, particularly for dealing with musculoskeletal problems.


The Ayurveda Resort Mandira’s holistic solutions are aimed at four major target groups: 

  1. Guests who come for the Ayurveda
  2. Those with an interest in Yoga and meditation
  3. People searching for alternative healing methods
  4. Spa lovers

These are highly motivated people with a strong interest in health promotion and disease prevention issues such as boosting the immune system, avoiding burnout, maintaining a healthy weight and gaining new perspectives on midlife and critical life situations.

If this blog has got you interested in starting your wellness journey at Ayurveda Resort Mandira call our wellness advisors at 020 7843 3597 or enquire here.

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