Shanti Maurice Resort & Spa Review By Tara Mcleod Williams

25/07/2023, Tara Mcleod Williams

Think of Mauritius and images of white sandy beaches, azure waters and luxury resorts will invariably come to mind - spa and wellness probably not, beyond perhaps a pampering massage in a hotel’s spa. Serious wellness in the Indian Ocean normally means Sri Lanka, India, possibly Bali, but few consider or even know that Mauritius is home to a rather good wellness property which offers a whole lot more than just that pampering massage, or manicure or pedicure.

Location and how easy it is to get there and the basics

Sitting discreetly on the southern coast, right at the bottom of the island, Shanti Maurice Resort & Spa offers so much more than just a beach resort, which is why I just had to include some time there during my recent visit to the island. The first big plus is the ease of getting to the place – Mauritius is well connected to Europe & the Middle East, and Shanti Maurice is only 45 minutes drive from the airport so no tortuous or stressful journeys are required.

First impressions were good – beautiful beach, sublime location, tropical gardens, warm smiles – but there was a little something extra to reflect the property’s, and indeed the island’s, Indian heritage - glimmering statues of Buddha, incense burning, emblems of the Chakra symbols and Hindu art.

A view of the ocean from Shanti Maurice Resort & Spa

What about the Wellness 

It didn’t take me long before I answered the call of the Shanti Spa – a wonderful and welcoming behemoth of a place, stuffed with treatment rooms, yoga areas, meditation rooms, Pilates studios, a lap pool, Jacuzzi & Watsu Pool. Over a cup of steaming ginger tea in the exquisite tea pavilion I met with Dr Avinash Ramapati Tiwari, the Spa Doctor. A gentle man, specialising in Ayurveda, his persona matches the calm surrounds, and our initial consultation covered everything from my diet and lifestyle right through to what I was hoping to achieve during my time in this relaxing oasis.

A woman receiving an Ayurvedic massage at Shanti Maurice Resort & Spa

What followed were some sublime treatments, and real moments to remember - yoga & meditation in an outdoor sala, invigorating massages and a magical sound bath performed by David, one of Dr Avinash’s team, with his collection of stunning Tibetan singing bowls. The wellness team are either of Indian heritage or have undergone extensive training in India, so the Ayurveda here is as authentic as it gets, but for those wanting something different a wide range of programmes is available, covering the spectrum from Fitness, Weight Management & Detox, to Stress Management and Sleep & Recovery. They even have a post-Covid Recovery programme.

My private villa was very comfortable, very well appointed and had everything i really needed, and away from the wellness there were numerous water sports, activities such as archery & tennis, and facilities which include a large swimming pool and an open-air cinema. My days there were spent in consultation, in treatment or just enjoying the sandy beach and reflecting and relaxing in the endless gardens. By night the only sounds were the breaking of the waves and the odd monkey call.

Two women doing Yoga on the beach at Shanti Maurice Resort & Spa

Sadly after a few bliss-filled days my time at this enveloping cocoon was over, far too quickly for my liking, and it was time for me to return home with the lessons, techniques and lifestyle changes that I had learnt. My thoughts on Shanti Maurice? Well it’s very easy to reach, it’s very easy to fall into a state of relaxation there, and the quality of the treatments and programmes on offer do not bely its holiday isle location. Travel there on your own for some solo wellness, or with your partner or family, and let them race off to enjoy other activities and attractions whilst you sit back and focus on your wellness journey. I am already planning my return.

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