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Back pain is considered by many experts as the “evil of the century". Nearly 8 in 10 people experience some form of discomfort or illness in the spine: low back pain, neck pain, herniated discs, muscle spasms, scoliosis, sciatica…there are many back diseases and the vast majority are related to the spine and poor posture, appearing with special frequency in overweight and/or poor physical fitness.

The importance of correct posture

Today, with the pace of life we live and the many hours spent sitting at a computer in most office jobs, we are forgetting the importance of keeping your back straight and properly supported and we get used to bad postures that damage the health of the spine and cause aches and pains, impacting our quality of life. Also, people who work standing or doing physical activities do not take into account the importance of maintaining proper body posture or how they should conduct their activities, and often make excessive efforts that result in harm being done to the health of their back and spine.

Exercises and stretches for a healthy back

We suggest trying to maintain a good posture when we are sitting in the office and get up every so often to stretch your back and slowly move the neck and shoulders in all directions (up and down, sideways, rotations). These neck exercises will only take a few seconds and but the difference it will make will be noticeable.

Furthermore, to facilitate good posture in the office is also important to have the right elements such as having the computer to eye level or have a stand to hold the feet firmly placed.

To prevent this type of discomfort or limitations is essential to exercise regularly the muscles of the spine and the back since their main function is to maintain proper body position and participate very actively in the control of body movements. Abdominal exercises are also really important, and to have a strong stomach also helps to maintain the verticality of our column and therefore to have a healthy back.

Those who do not work in an office should seek to make physical efforts properly and with care not to damage their back and learn from some expert along with the best way to carry out their work without harming the health of the spine. For example, knowing how best to crouch posture (in sitting posture and not ducking back because it hurts lumbago) or the proper way to lift weights without getting hurt.

For all, it is good to stretch back when standing, as if someone pick us with a thread through the head (we can get up and stretch arms and fingers to help) and then try touching toes with straight legs with a rounded back, and then get back to vertical position slowly and keeping the rounded shape on the back.

Healthy Back Lessons 

Healthy back or postural re-education lessons are already offered at many gyms and fitness centres and consist of a series of back exercises that allow not only sports but also improve our quality of life, making us more flexible and allowing us to move better, relieving the usual back pain, back spasms decreasing and so on.

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