Relax, let go and restore flexibility

26/05/2020, Park Igls

How easy do you find it to relax? Do you notice yourself tensing up over the course of the day? Do your muscles stiffen, and you have a hard time relaxing? Learn how to unwind during the day with these simple exercises.

Do you have difficulty reaching things on high shelves? Even simple activities can be agony when mobility is restricted. The cartilage around a joint that isn't moved sufficiently degrades more quickly, causing the joint to wear. The muscles that run over the joints travel a shorter distance. and therefore meet less resistance. This eventually leads to muscular wasting. However. we need to use muscles for every movement we make and to provide the musculoskeletal system with strength and stability. If muscle degenerates. there is also less of it to cushion the joints.


Many people don't understand that improving mobility results in a reduction of effort. Taking running as an example. it's been shown that stretching the hamstring, hip flexor and quadricep muscles can extend a runner's step length by several centimetres per step.


Don't stretch cold muscles before a heavy-duty workout as this could lead to injury, and don't stretch afterwards as this risks muscle soreness. This soreness is caused by micro-tears in the muscle fibres that are expanded by stretching.


You're always on the safe side with passive stretching positions {unless they're too extreme). Gentle. controlled dynamic stretching is a perfectly sensible option which also stretches the fascia. Sharp, jerking motions should, however, be avoided.

Relax, let go and restore flexibility


Just as with ordinary exercise. you should stretch the whole body rather than focus only on problem areas. This is the best way to avoid any imbalances.


Stretches should be held for around 30 to 40 seconds and repeated three times for each muscle. The break between repetitions can be used to stretch an opposing muscle, e.g. alternate between stretching muscles in the upper and lower limbs.


You should feel tension during a stretch. If this feeling diminishes. then gently increase the stretch. You should never feel pain during a stretch.

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