Razor Clams With Morning Glory Recipe

Razor clams are a great source of iron, calcium and Omega-3 – all of which are beneficial to your health, skin and development. They don’t only taste delicious, but look the part too, thanks to their exquisite shape and appearance once cooked. This delectable razor clam recipe with morning glory is the perfect dish when hosting a dinner party, a romantic meal or just a treat night for the whole family.

So, “What is morning glory?” Morning glory is a semi-aquatic plant that is commonly added to dishes all over Asia, particularly well known by locals and tourists of South East Asia, where there are hundreds of street vendors cooking up tasty morning glory dishes.

Preparation time:

This tasty dish should take around 18 minutes to cook.

Ingredients needed:

200g razor clams
15ml vegetable oil
20g garlic
10g fresh chilli
30ml fish sauce
A single lime, halved
Morning glory
A sprinkle of salt, to season

Equipment required:

Chopping board
Sharp knife - for dicing
Cooking pot

Recipe directions:

1.  Place the razor clams in a cooking pot, fill to ¾ with cold water and leave to soak for a least one hour.

2.  Assess whether the clams are free of sand after one hour of soaking, if sand is still present, leave a little longer to soak.

3.  Once all sand residue has gone, blanch the clams in a bowl of hot salted water and wait for them as they slowly begin to open.

4.  Drain the clams in a colander and remove ready to cook.

5. Dice the fresh chilli on a chopping board using a sharp knife.

6.  Begin heating the oil in a large wok, test the oil heat with a single breadcrumb and once hot, add the garlic and allow to sizzle for 40 seconds.

7.  Add the drained clams to the wok, along with the diced chillies. Then, slowly add in the fish sauce and stir.

8.  Add the morning glory to the broth and sauté until it slowly begins to soften.

9.  Check the consistency of the sauce, add the salt for seasoning and serve immediately for full flavour.

10.  Garnish the dish with freshly diced chilli and freshly squeezed lime.

Our top tips:

1. Blanching the clams is essential for this recipe. For those who don’t know ‘blanching’ is a cooking process where food is scalded in boiling water, then removed for a short period of time and then plunged into ice cold water.

2. Make sure you don’t eat the little black bit inside the razor clams; this is its stomach and can be gritty in texture.

3. For extra flavour, add ¼ cup of white wine, stirring it in slowly during step 6.

4. Fun fact: In South East Asia, some street vendors even use morning glory for theatrical street performances, throwing the vegetables in the air and serving to intrigued tourists.

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