Ozone therapy, vitality and immune system reinforcement

02/06/2020, SHA Wellness Clinic

Greater vitality, more energy to face the day to day, feeling of well-being, strengthening the immune system… All this, and much more, can achieve the ozone therapy, a revitalising treatment of absolute reference these days.

Ozone therapy is nothing else than the application of medical ozone in the body to achieve a therapeutic effect. Medical ozone is a gas that is obtained from pure medical oxygen with the help of a generator, and that allows its adequate dosage.
It has been shown that when medical ozone is applied in a controlled way in the body, it improves the antioxidant cell activity, which favours the elimination of free radicals. It has also been proven to be effective in modulating the immune system by achieving a controlled regulation of the immune response, which is one of the reasons why it is applied in autoimmune diseases“, explains Rosario García, an expert in Biological and Anti-Aging Medicine at SHA Wellness Clinic.

Its ability to provide cells with a better supply of oxygen explains its revitalising and energy-producing effect. Scientific studies have shown that it has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory action. “And another of the properties of ozone therapy is its germicidal activity: ozone is considered to be the greatest germicide existing in nature when in direct contact with bacteria, viruses and fungi. In addition, it favours the detoxifying function of the liver, so it is very effective in the recovery of the pathology”, adds Rosario García.

What are the different applications for Ozone therapy?

There are different ways to apply ozone therapy depending on the result we want to obtain and the needs of each patient.

  • One of the treatment ways is the autohemotherapy, which is done by taking blood from the patient in a closed, sterile and disposable circuit, where it is mixed with the ozone and injected again immediately. It can also be administered intravenously in the form of ozonised saline solution, specially indicated for viral infections.
  • In minor autohemotherapy, it is applied in the form of an intramuscular injection of one’s own blood to activate the immune system and treat allergic diseases.
  • Rectal application is recommended in inflammatory diseases of the intestine, while intra-articular, intradermal and paravertebral injections can be performed to treat osteomuscular problems.
  • The transdermal form, through a plastic boot, is the route of choice for treating infected wounds or ulcers.

With the systemic application of ozone, we achieve greater resistance to infection, reduce fatigue and stress and increase resistance to it. It also improves concentration and intellectual performance, physical performance and recovery capacity“, explains Rosario García.

And she adds: “It is a therapy that is characterised by the simplicity of its application, its great effectiveness, its great tolerance and the practical absence of side effects“.

Ozone therapy, vitality and immune system reinforcement | Healing Holidays

How does Ozone therapy aid anti-ageing?

Preventive ozone therapy has an anti-ageing effect on cells. This is mainly due to its unparalleled usefulness in controlling oxidative stress and the additional oxygenation experienced by tissue cells. It has been shown that during ageing, the supply of oxygen to the tissues decreases by 50% compared to that obtained in youth.

This causes loss of energy and limitation in physical and intellectual performance, leading to symptoms such as memory loss, difficulty in concentration and confusion. The improvement in oxygenation leads to the re-establishment of the proper functioning of enzymatic reactions and the improvement of all these symptoms,” confirms Rosario Garcia.

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