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01/09/2019, Kevin Leivers

A few years ago it was a rare occurrence when a man would ask me for health advice. Recently though I’ve noticed a big increase in the number of men who are asking for advice, support and product recommendations for their health issues. Maybe men are realising that simply ‘manning up’ won’t solve their joint problems, mental health or immune system complaints. Evidence shows that men are notoriously bad at asking for help when it comes to health which is probably why the stats for health outcomes favour women. For instance, three times as many men commit suicide compared to women due to mental health problems. This has to change.

My responses to men’s health questions are very different from women. Men like to keep it simple. They are more black and white and like to base their decisions on hard facts, so here is a list of natural remedies which have good scientific evidence to support their use followed by the recommended quality standards that make them effective.

Muscle and Joint Aches - Tumeric and Black Pepper

Evidence shows that turmeric can be as effective as ibuprofen without the side effects only if the following quality standards are met:

1. Products contain a minimum of 500mg of curcuminoids per dose. This is not the same as the weight of turmeric - food grade turmeric only contains 4% of curcuminoid actives so insufficient for an effective dose.

2. Something to enhance the absorption of the bioactive - black pepper with 95% piperine or a healthy fat such as coconut butter will work.

Cholesterol and Weight Problems - Bergamot Fruit 

This is a significant issue for men in their 30’s and beyond. Bergamot fruit extract with 38-47% poly-phenolic content is supported by nearly 200 published studies showing how effective it is at binding and removing bad fats, especially in and around the liver, particularly useful for belly fat and maintaining healthy cholesterol. A minimum daily dose of 1350mg is required to be taken half an hour before meals. Bergamot can be taken safely alongside prescription medicines.

Executive Stress and Burnout - Saffron

Saffron is shaping up to be the busy man’s new best friend with published research proving effectiveness at reducing nervousness, tiredness and helping mood balance. Again choosing the correct quality and strength dictated by the research is key to purchasing an effective supplement. Take a minimum 30mg a day at 3.5% strength with breakfast. You’ll also need all three bioactive - crocin, picrocrocin and safranal. Most supplements will just contain safranal.

Gut and Immune System Problems - Black Garlic

Fermenting and ageing white garlic into the black version transforms the actives in white garlic into compounds that are far more effective for the gut flora and supporting the immune system. Take a daily dose of 250mg and a minimum strength of 3% S-Allyl Cysteine.

About the Author

Kevin Leivers is a natural health pharmacist with over 30 years of experience in both conventional and natural medicine. After a career in conventional pharmaceutical research and development working for the team that discovered Ibuprofen, Kevin became Chief Pharmacist for the Swiss licence herbal pharmaceutical company, Weleda. He then set up his own research and development consultancy Lotus Health before launching Europes first 100% natural Pharmacy in 2016.

For more information on effective and safe natural solutions for men's health:

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