Morning Rituals: The Ideal Way To Start Each Day

04/03/2024, Chiva Som

Discover from Chiva Som's wellness experts how the right healthy morning rituals can improve your health and wellbeing.

According to Chinese tradition, the dragon, zodiac of the coming Chinese New Year, represents strength, resilience and balance. Fostering these qualities in ourselves with a healthy morning ritual can improve our health and wellbeing. Exercising, for example, builds strength and resilience, while meditating and grounding ourselves in the present balances. By beginning our mornings in this manner, we set a positive tone for the rest of the day.

Rituals for physical wellbeing

Begin with a nutritious breakfast and plenty of hydration to fuel you for the rest of the day. Exercises such as calisthenics and yoga stretch and release tension, while a jog in the great outdoors has a myriad of benefits beyond boosting energy and serotonin levels: breathing in fresh air oxygenates the blood, sunlight improves the immune system and quality of sleep, and the sights and sounds of nature soothe. Mindful breathing, as practised during yoga or simply on its own, has been known to lower blood pressure, cortisol levels and inflammation, whilst improving mood and alertness.

A healthy breakfast

Rituals for mental wellbeing

Taking a few moments to reflect each day can recharge the mind and the spirit. Regular meditation contributes to a healthy mindset, allowing you to better handle stressful situations and difficult relationships. Gratitude journaling puts things into perspective and restores balance, whilst reciting positive affirmations can cultivate inner strength and resilience.

A woman meditating by the river

Creating the ideal morning ritual

While the ideal morning ritual will depend on the individual and how they are feeling that day, we at Chiva Som recommend a mix of physical and mental components. Begin with a brief workout incorporating strength-building exercises, followed by a calming yoga session to enhance balance. Integrate mindfulness through deep breathing exercises for mental resilience. Then conclude with gratitude journaling and positive affirmations to foster emotional strength.


A comprehensive morning ritual establishes a foundation for the day, instilling in us a positive outlook that will allow us to better tackle what lies ahead. A mix of activities can benefit both physical and mental health, enhancing in us the qualities of strength, balance and resilience for a healthier life.

Mornings at Chiva-Som

Chiva-Som’s beachfront setting is ideal for beneficial morning routines. Healthy wellness breakfasts are served overlooking the ocean and sunrise. An integral part of the wellness experience, complimentary group classes begin at 7:00 with tai chi, yoga and stretching, as well as more vigorous classes such as HIIT and bootcamp to boost energy levels.

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