Life Enhancement Mentoring at Kamalaya

Deciding that you wish to change or enhance your life can be a difficult step in itself, but the process of actually achieving that change can often be even more difficult still if done alone. At Kamalaya, there is support in place to guide you through your transformation in the form of their Life Enhancement Mentoring, with mentors on hand to help you create space in your life for positive change. According to the mentors at Kamalaya there are three major processes to enhancing your life, put most simply these are:

  • Recognition – Becoming aware of your present state and emotions.
  • Non-violence – Allowing experiences to take place within us without fighting them.
  • Action – Following practices that will create and sustain a fresher and healthier way of life.

The mentors at Kamalaya aim to help you through these processes and encourage positive growth through workshops and/or one-on-one sessions that incorporate various techniques. Life enhancement takes a different form for everyone, and your mentor will tailor your sessions to your individual requirements. Whether you want to let go of debilitating habits in favour of more positive ones, heal past emotions, master relationships, or achieve emotional life balance in general, the mentors have the expertise to help you actualise your goals. Through techniques such as meditation, counselling, meaningful discussion, and breathing exercises you will become equipped with the tools to bring about and sustain life changes.

Life enhancement mentoring teaches you how to let go of the past to create room for positive change. In theory, it would seem as though this would be an easy thing to do, yet the mentors at Kamalaya say that more often than not many of us confuse the process of letting go with actually letting go.  According to mentor Rajesh Ramani, the active pursuit of letting go can actually be a hindrance to the process, instead a passive effort is required. In order to truly let go, you need to stop thinking about the process entirely and allow your mind to go silent, something that the mentors will teach you how to do.

The aim at Kamalaya is not to force change upon you, but to guide you through the process so that you can create the changes for yourself. The aim is to offer encouragement and teachings that put the power to enhance your life in your own hands. By the end of your life enhancement mentoring a space of openness, awareness, and understanding will be created within you so that positive growth can occur.

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