Lefay Resort & Spa review by Tracy

01/12/2017, Tracy Chapman

Our wellness advisor Tracy Wilson travelled to the stunning Lake Garda to experience the life-changing treatments that Lefay Resort & Spa Lago Di Garda has to offer.  


True peace and tranquillity. That is what I felt as we approached the great gates of Lefay Resort and Spa. Located on Lake Garda Lefay is surrounded by olive trees, rolling hills and truly breath-taking views. From the moment you step in, you can see the amount of detail that has been put into making this property sophisticated yet homely with the elements of nature throughout. This even included the calming scents of sea salt, rosemary and lemons that linger throughout the building. Lefay is very much in tune with its locality. Blending amongst the beautiful backdrop of Lake Garda and 11 hectares of national park, it demonstrates true Mediterranean imagery with wooded hillsides and quaint lakeside villages.


I was fortunate enough to be staying as a single occupant in one of Lefay’s Prestige Junior Suites. This lead-in room category exceeded any expectations. With a terrace leading out to the gardens, a separate seating area, and a large bed, as well as a separate bath and shower, this beautiful room certainly felt luxurious for a solo traveller. The Deluxe Junior Suites are highly similar, with the difference being a balcony rather than a terrace. However, as my room was also lake facing and looking over the gardens, I found it provided a little more privacy. Continuing the theme of the resort, the Suites have a natural feel, with their use of local materials and a touch of Italian elegance. All toiletries are from the Spa, with body wash smelling of Cedarwood providing the intense feeling of bathing in the great outdoors.


With 6 different sauna’s to choose from, I left spoilt for choice of where to begin my rejuvenation process. Over the course of my stay, I was able to transition between them all, each creating a different relaxing sensation. The Hammam was my personal favourite as I appreciated the humidity of the steam rather than the dry air of the Sauna. Although, the Sauna was an impressive logged space with a display fireplace and a glassed window that displayed trickling water, creating the calming impression of rainfall. I was brave enough to take a plunge into the Ice Pool, actively closing my pores after having them opened and refreshed, during the use of the Sauna and Steam rooms. All Sauna/Steam rooms are unisex except for 1 female only room, and as they are textile-free do not be surprised by the European way of stripping down on entry. Light towels are provided for those slightly more modest.

Whilst it was too cold to swim laps in the large outdoor infinity pool, the internal/external salt-water pool was the centre of the Spa experience. Headed to just the correct temperature, it enabled the freedom to float around inside and outside nas you gaze across the gardens and Lake Garda. With powerful jets you can control yourself, giving you a pressurised water massage, on one side of the pool, to Jacuzzi jets on the other side, this pool was very much multi-functional.

As a fitness enthusiast, I was very pleased with the Gym and its facilities. The cardiovascular machinery was something I had never experienced before, and the resistance machines were very well maintained, with enough variety to get a great work-out in. There is always a Personal Trainer on hand, should you require any training assistance. 


As part of my package, I received 1 entry into the Thalassotherapy Pool ‘La Luna nel Lago’. Which is translated to ‘The Moon in the Lake’, the theme is a lake shaped pool, with a single tree to the side, lounge beds dotted around the outside and a large model Moon, lit up and shining down from above. The pool is heated to temperatures up to 38°C and detoxifies the body through the use of minerals found in marine salt. You’re given a 30-minute time slot to spend between floating in the pool and relaxing on a lounger. 

The treatment that was chosen for me was the ‘Alta Marea’, a Revitalising and Anti-Ageing massage. It is said to nourish the body within and focuses on massaging on two energy lines. This helps to prevent deterioration and hence slow down the ageing of the skin and body. I would advise that all treatments are provided by both male and female therapists, so if you have a preference, you are welcome to let the spa team know prior to your arrival. My therapist was very attentive to detail, asking if the volume of the Asian meditation music was alright, if the pressure applied was deep enough and whether I required a pillow for my feet. The whole back wall of the treatment room was glass, but you could see only out, and not in for privacy. The lighting was dim, and the scents that floated around the room were truly relaxing, enabling me to drift into a meditative state.

I was given the opportunity to join a guided walk through The Energy and Therapeutic Gardens. There are 5 different stations, each based on the 5 elements, Wood, Fire, Metal and Earth. It is said to evoke the rhythm of life and its various stages. The walk takes you on a trail, hillside with stunning lake and mountain views. Some parts are quite steep, and I would advise that the steps can be slippery during the wet and cooler months, but there are railings if you need assistance. The guide is highly knowledgeable in Traditional Chinese Medicine. He asks questions about how you tend to deal with stress and then explains what element you are. Apparently, I’m metal, as I tend to try and run away from stressful situations. Imbalances can cause problems with the Lungs, Skin and Large Intestine.


The food at Lefay is light and exquisite, based on the Mediterranean diet and utilising their surroundings. They are able to use local, seasonal produce in accordance with the current season.

I had breakfast in ‘La Grande Limonaia’. It is the main restaurant, with lake views and an indoor conservatory vibe. Small trees are strategically placed around the centre, underneath a large skylight. You’re free to have Breakfast and Lunch in your robes, as often you are moving from treatment to treatment, leaving little time to change. It was a wonderful feeling to have an early morning swim or gym session, and then wander up for breakfast in my robe. I opted for a lake view, to watch the sunrise over the mountains as I ate. Breakfast consisted of a large buffet, with an omelette station, also serving sausages and bacon. Cheeses, cut and cured meats, yoghurts, bio-drinks, various cereals and grains are all available. There is even a ‘do-it-yourself’ Fruit/Vegetable juicing station. The final touch is their very own bread and pastry room, which can be tempting if you are not on a detox or weight loss programme.

For lunch, I decided to go for the full Lefay Spa Menu. This included 3 courses of light, nutritious but very tasty dishes. Eat meal was so full of flavour, that you wouldn’t believe it was so good for you. I had a salad to start, with a lemon and olive oil dressing. The second dish was a Zucchini soup with amaranth and basmati rice. The third dish was raw fish, refreshed with zesty lemon. How amazing it was to peer out over the lake, eating fresh fish caught directly from it. My taste buds were left buzzing, as the sights and aromas added to the dining experience.

Before dinner, we met for drinks in the lounge. Well themed for the time of year, with large sofa styled seating, log fires, and candlelight. You are accompanied by a live pianist and his singer, softly serenading you as you wind down at the end of a full day of treatments and alternative therapies. I did enjoy a glass of Lefay’s very own organic red wine, which was dry and spicy. Going back to the same restaurant, the centre tables are sectioned, adding to the effect of a private garden. It was like our very own private garden dinner party. As a treat, and for variety, I decided to choose 4 courses from the main dinner menu. I had the smoked lake trout, with an autumnal apple puree, an in-season pumpkin gnocchi with Jerusalem artichoke creamy sauce and an oven cooked lamb sirloin. For my final course, I had the molten chocolate cake, a gooey, truly decadent dessert that left my palate feeling very satisfied.


- Pack lightly, as you’ll spend most of your days in your robe and slippers, swim or gym wear, and they even provide flip-flops.
- Get to your treatments early, as you’ll have the chance to meet your therapist and ask any questions. You can even have a relaxing herbal tea and healthy snacks whilst you wait.
- Unless on a Detox or Weight Loss programme, don’t be afraid to try more comforting, Italian foods off the main menu – your senses will thank you!
- Lefay is perfect all-year-round, they adapt to the season, bringing in a variety of colours, scents and flavours.

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