How To Quit Smoking Yet Keep The Weight Off

09/08/2019, SHA Wellness Clinic

Today, people are becoming more aware of the dangers that cigarette smoking has on our health. When it comes to stopping smoking, there are some simple remedies that support the process and can be easily done at home.

These suggestions from SHA Wellness Clinic will help you to naturally rebalance, detox the system, and increase energy levels.

  • Make sure to drink enough water as it is a natural detoxifier and will help to counteract the harmful effects of tobacco and nicotine.
  • Include Mu tea as it contains ginseng which is known to prevent cigarette cravings. The tea itself has 14 different herbs and helps to boost energy levels.
  • Add Ginger to soups or teas. Ginger can overcome feelings of nausea and calm the stomach – both are common with ceasing smoking .
  • Miso soup is a marvelous detoxifier and full of protein, minerals and enzymes that provide energy and stamina. Great for nourishing the lungs too.
  • Lotus root tea is benificial for the respiratory system. It can help ease coughing and is cleansing for the lungs. High in both vitamin C and A which are vital for lung health.
  • It is important to include ingredients that are high in vitamin C such as leafy greens and sauerkraut as smoking tends to destroy this important vitamin.
  • Have porridge for breakfast. Oats contain chemicals called avenathramides that can combat stress, strengthen the nervous system, fight free radials, and reduce high blood pressure. All of these benefits are important for smokers. Oats can also ease withdrawal symptoms and decrease cravings for cigarettes.
  • Snack on carrots, radish and celery. The satisfying, crunchy texture can help stop cigarette cravings. The fibre in vegetables gives a feeling of fullness and takes away the hungerpangs which are often confused with the urge to smoke.
  • Include turmeric, basil, and thyme in your dishes as they assist in the elimination of carcinogens from the body and can reduce the risk of cancer.
  • Choose mildly sweet vegetables as they help reduce anxiety without altering glucose levels – pumpkin, parsnips , onions, carrots, sweet potato or cabbage. The sweet taste of whole grains like millet and sweet rice are satisfying and relaxing which prevents cigarette cravings.
  • Fava beans are one of the best dietary sources of I-dopa, converted to dopamine in the brain so these beans can help to alleviate nicotine cravings. Use them in soups, side dishes or salads.

Generally to help the process of quitting cigarettes, it is important to enjoy a plant based diet with lots of fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables, along with whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds and sea vegetables.

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