How To Make The Most Out Of A Couples Retreat

Sometimes, a couple’s getaway is exactly what you and your partner need to relax, rekindle and rejuvenate. Couple’s resorts are designed for you both to enjoy alone time, away from the stresses of everyday life.

In relationships, we sometimes neglect spending quality time together as factors add to our busy schedules, from our early morning commute, to looking after the kids. That’s why a couple’s retreat is perfect for your next trip, allowing you and your partner to enjoy each other’s company on a retreat designed for you to experience, together.

Healing Holidays offer a varied range of luxury couple’s retreats, which means we know exactly how to make the most out of your trip together. We’ve broken down our top tips, so you can prepare ahead of your break and enjoy your couple’s getaway in full.

Eliminate distractions with a digital detox

A couple’s retreat is all about exploring and sharing new experiences together, and as tempting as it can be to take a picture of every adventure you embark on, think about the effect that it’s having on your trip.

Your holiday is for you two to enjoy, and shouldn’t need to be interrupted by technology or the need to go on social media. By all means, take your phone with you but keep it locked up in the safe in your room. You don’t necessarily have to go cold turkey, but concentrating on the experiences in front of you is really important for couple’s bonding, and for relaxing away from your hectic lifestyle back home.

Take advantage of beneficial programmes

Couple’s retreats offer many programmes specifically tailored to what couples are looking to achieve on their luxury getaway. Popular programmes include relax and restore programmes, which focus on spending quality time together by enjoying spa treatments, tailored around both of your personal preferences, so you feel utterly relaxed during your stay.

Couple’s retreats also offer the chance for you and your partner to undertake different activity-led programmes, which nudge you to work as a team and make new memories together, while also embarking on an adventure.

If fitness is something you both enjoy, work together on a fitness programme and cover both of your strengths and weaknesses. Signing up for a yoga programme is a great idea for couples during a luxury getaway. Practicing yoga is an excellent way to relax and rekindle at the same time, since it relaxes your body and mind during and after your trip. It also releases positive endorphins, consequently boosting both of your moods and mindfulness and leaving space to enjoy each other’s company as much as possible.

Remember to relax

As a couple, you’re bound to bicker over small things back home, such as the cleaning, the gardening, how you’re both spending your weekend and who’s picking up the kids. However, all of these issues are redundant when you’re on holiday, and it’s important to remember this. You simply need to sit back and enjoy each other’s company, since it can be so easy to get tied up in stresses caused from everyday home life.

As well as sitting back and enjoying the retreat itself, explore different spa treatments available at a couple’s resort to unwind and book paired treatments so you can enjoy the time together, being pampered.

Work on personal growth

To love and understand others, first, you need to love yourself. If you and your partner are disagreeing, bickering or not seeing each other’s point of view, a couple’s retreat is the perfect opportunity to work on these issues, and also work on yourself in the process.

It’s important to focus on your relationship while you have this time to yourselves, but also what you expect, want and require from your partner and take steps to improve yourself in the same way you want your partner to.

Set yourself goals to achieve by the end of your couple’s getaway, and make sure your partner does the same, too. This means you can work towards reigniting your relationship, and work on and resolve any issues you may have.

Plan ahead and listen to each other

Any getaway involves listening to whoever you’re travelling with, so it’s particularly important you create a mutual plan over what you want to achieve from your couple’s getaway.

So, research into the retreat you have booked in advance and figure out what it is each of you want out of your time there. Listen to each other’s ideas and be open to new programmes, activities and treatments that you may not have initially suggested yourself.

Discussing what activities you want to sign up to during your stay is important; you don’t want the plans to be one-sided, as this can lead to heated debates and, consequently, a negative experience at a time where you are supposed to solely focus on each other and your happiness together.

Here are some of our spa breaks for a truly immersive couple's retreat - Preidlhof | Fusion Maia | Palacio | Como Shambala | Euphoria | Kamalaya. Explore our range of couple's retreat destinations, here.

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