How To Cope With The Darker Days Ahead This Winter

02/11/2023, Healing Holidays

As the darker winter months draw in, many of us will feel blue, lethargic and in need of more sleep. We can lack concentration and are easily irritated. This is often referred to as seasonal affective disorder, (SAD), and is also known as winter depression.  

Some of the below could help you to push through it:

Invest In A Lightbox

A light box can be very helpful as it mimics the effect of sunlight - a natural mood-lifter, helping to  boost your melatonin and serotonin levels. You can try it in the morning on rising to help jump-start your mood.

Get Outdoors In Nature

Nothing boosts your mood more than a walk in nature. You instantly feel more grounded and you can walk off the stresses of the day. You get a chance to relax and breathe, this is your time.   


We know how good meditation is for our mental health, and setting aside some time to meditate each day will give very quick results, greatly improving your mood whilst calming down your adrenalins.   

Listen To Music

Scientists have shown that listening to a piece of music that you like instantly makes you feel happier. The brain produces a chemical called dopamine, which instantly lifts you mood, so turn up the volume and dance like no one is watching.

Get Cooking

Following a recipe or creating your own concoction means that not only are you making something to eat, but you will get a positive feeling from doing this for yourself.

Sing A Song

It doesn’t matter whether you can carry a tune or not, singing definitely lifts your mood. So sing loud and proud.

Write It Down

It’s all too easy to bottle up your emotions, so it can be very helpful to jot down just what it is that is annoying you. It’s also a good way of letting go of the negative thoughts.

Get More Sleep

Sleep is very restorative, a natural mood-booster. A good night’s sleep will leave you refreshed and ready for the day ahead, so ensure you get a good routine at bedtime.

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