What Are Sirtuins And How Do They Influence The Way We Age?

10/06/2024, SHA Wellness Clinic

As the research on the ageing process progresses, new players emerge whose names we need to learn. This time we are talking about sirtuins, a family of proteins that coordinate the body’s response to different types of stress, from metabolic to oxidative and energy stress.

In the last decade, sirtuins have emerged as key factors in the detection of responses to stress directed towards chromatin and mitochondria. Therefore, it is believed that they play a crucial role in a number of biological processes, including inflammation and ageing. These proteins are involved in various cellular mechanisms, such as DNA repair, the regulation of metabolism, and the response to cellular stress.

Dr. Mariel Silva, specialist in Well-Ageing Medicine at SHA Wellness Clinic, explains that, currently, the anti-inflammatory effect of sirtuins is being studied. It has been determined that these proteins, by modulating the activity of certain inflammatory mediators and regulating the body’s immune response, can be a powerful agent in the fight against inflammation. In addition, they may inhibit the production of pro-inflammatory molecules and promote the expression of other anti-inflammatory proteins, helping to maintain a proper balance in the inflammatory response.

Age-related inflammation is a concept that associates ageing with low-grade inflammation and is linked to changes in the immune system that contribute to the development of some age-related chronic diseases,” explains Dr. Silva, who points out that oxidative stress and sirtuins have a central role in this inflammatory process.

It is also believed that this class of proteins is closely linked to longevity and cellular health. “It has been demonstrated that sirtuins have an impact on longevity by regulating the function of other genes related to ageing and cell survival. In addition, they are involved in protection against oxidative stress and apoptosis, two processes that contribute to cellular ageing and tissue degeneration,” explains Dr. Silva.

Some strategies for mitigating age-related inflammation that your doctor at SHA Wellness Clinic may suggest, once he or she has examined your blood tests and your physical status, include:

  • Caloric restriction: It has been demonstrated that it activates sirtuins and reduces inflammation, contributing to healthy ageing.
  • Regular physical exercise: For its anti-inflammatory effects and its ability to improve the function of sirtuins.
  • Consumption of foods rich in antioxidants: To counteract oxidative stress processes.
  • Stress management through meditation and mindfulness

While what we know about sirtuins is still incomplete and multiple studies are underway to determine the extent of their impact on longevity, the available scientific evidence suggests that modulating their function may be of great benefit to human health. It has been demonstrated that they are involved in a wide range of human diseases, such as cancer, diabetes and other neurodegenerative pathologies. The next decade will be decisive for determining whether or not sirtuins are the master key to longevity and human health.

Meanwhile, the Well-Ageing & Prevention Programme at SHA Wellness Clinic focuses on slowing down the cellular degeneration process and reactivating the health potential of each individual. We remain attentive to basic and applied research on sirtuins to achieve our goal of stimulating metabolic systems with innovative anti-ageing treatments.

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