Hormone Therapy: All You Need To Know

Dr Petra Dehm - Villa Stephanie

Hormones are chemical neurotransmitters, regulating the body's metabolism like communication experts. In this communication process hormones operate like in a key-lock principle. Human Identical Hormones function like bespoke keys, fitting precisely into the receptors sites of our body. By contrast synthetic hormones faintly resemble human hormones.

Hormonal Dysbalance

When the endocrine system is in balance, we feel comfortable. Due to hormonal deficiency the endocrine system can be unbalanced and lead to symptoms. Progesterone deficiency for example can already occur at an early age and contribute to painful menstruation, and myoma and ovarian cysts formation. Furthermore progesterone deficiency is often the reason for premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Around the age of fifty an estrogen deficiency develops. A lack of estrogen during menopause leads in many women to have unpleasant complaints such as Climateric Symptoms, sleep disorders and emotional depressive disorders.

Hormone Therapy

In order to treat the abovementioned symptoms, Hormone Replacement Therapy can be the solution. As already pointed out, Human Identical Hormones benefit from having the same biochemical structure as human hormones. Synthetic hormones do not have this advantage. Due to this structural difference, using synthetic hormones can cause communication problems on a cellular level. This can lead to symptoms, and in the worst case to the formation of cancer cells. Hormone therapy based on synthetic hormones with its adverse effects therefore has a bad reputation. Many women fear an increased risk of breast cancer and strokes. Human Identical Hormones do not have these adverse effects – in addition are they protective. Based on thorough, specialized diagnostic procedures we will find a patient-customised therapy for you.

The early detection of hormonal disturbances, by way of precise hormonal analysis based on blood samples, can facilitate a very focused type of therapy in this situation. These results will clarify whether a hormonal deficiency or overproduction is diagnosed, and we will find a hormone dosage for your treatment. Here a special emphasis is laid on a balanced proportion between estrogen and progesterone in order to avoid an estrogen dominance. The therapy will be based on Human Identical Hormones coming form the Wild Yam Root (based on Dr Rimkus). The active substance is contained in cellulose capsules with the excipient olive oil. The oily preparation enables the active substance to pass the stomach and to finally be absorbed by a lymphatic duct (Ductus thoracicus) in order to be injected into the vascular system right away.

This special administration form has the further advantage that the hormones do not have to pass the liver. By avoiding this path it prevents the hormones from losing their intended effect (due to the so-called First-Path-Effect) and it further prevents putting strain on the liver. Patients with Climateric Symptoms will notice the treatment effect within 2-3 weeks already: hot flashes occur less often and are less intense. Moreover the sleep quality increases constantly. Six weeks after the beginning of the treatment, another blood analysis will be conducted in order to evaluate the therapy success. After this, only a few patients might require a readjustment of the dosage to ensure an ideal therapeutic effect. When finding the correct dosage the therapy is without adverse effects.

As a doctor I have the personal therapeutic aspiration to eliminate your symptoms within 3 months the latest. In addition intake of Human Identical Hormones have the following positive longer-term effects:

Positive effects on psychological level

  • Significant improvement on depressive moods
  • Reduction of anxieties and anxiety attacks
  • Strengthening of the mental and physical balance

Positive effects on the musculoskeletal system

  • Increase in bone density in the case of osteoporosis
  • Increase of muscular strength
  • Improvement of overall mobility in the case of arthrosis
  • Reduction of rheumatic pain

Positive effects on the skin

  • Reduction of skin dryness
  • Improvement of the structure and surface of the mucous membranes

This is a guest blog written by Wellness Expert Dr Petra Dehm. For more information contact our wellness consultants here, or call 020 7843 3597.

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