Food Philosophy At The Retreat Costa Rica

02/02/2021, The Retreat Costa Rica

Our menus are based on an anti-inflammatory diet and foods. We strive for 100% organic and fresh, with most of our produce grown on the property. We are plant-based, but also serve local, sustainably raised fish, fowl, beef and lamb. We are grain-free, dairy-free (occasional goat yoghurt and cheese) use no refined sweeteners, and source locally and sustainably. We try to customise each menu by our guest's requests – so please let us know. Allergies or aversions are always asked upon reservation and noted in our guests individual charts. We serve vegan and vegetarian options at any meal and offer an array of flavours and styles of cuisine.

Each menu is chef's choice based on what is fresh, inspiring, and thoughtful. We have an open kitchen policy, so our guests may see what they are eating, how it is prepared, and feel confident knowing that what they are eating is simple and good. We believe in education, and therefore have many cooking classes weekly. We urge you to make yourself comfortable, get to know the people who are cooking your food, the love they put into it and sharing the experience of preparing good meals.


Our farm was built on the south-facing side of our crystal mountain. Just knowing the food is growing in the soil of crystal energy and being watered by our crystal infused spring water makes us all feel better about every bite we take. Of course, like all living things, it is a work in progress, and we have seasonal foods that we cultivate for our breakfasts, salad bars and evening meals. You will also enjoy our fresh healing herbs in your drinking water and the frescos, elixirs and even our hand mixed cocktails. Ask to walk the garden with the chef, or just explore solo and put your hands in the dirt to feel the energy and give a little bit of love to the plants. Healing energy is give and take.


Our wellness cooking classes are taught 3 times a week by our chefs and inspired by our owner and award-winning celebrity Chef Diana Stobo, French-trained, raw food expert and healing foods advocate. This activity gives us the opportunity to teach many aspects of organic lifestyles in an exquisite setting. Classes in raw food preparations, herbal medicine making, fermenting, and sprouting are a few offerings of the curriculum which can be customised to maximize your experience here. From the farm to the table, the foods that we eat and prepare can easily be found in your backyard garden, local markets and exotic food stores. However, the technique is key to delicious meals, desserts, appetisers and even cocktails. From choosing the proper foods to artistic plating, The Retreat teaches all aspects of preparing amazing foods that make you feel good.


Dining in the fresh air is always a favourable experience when it is perched on a crystal mountain in the “best climate in the world” The Retreat features two unique restaurants;

  • Boca Dulce our terrace restaurant, located above the expansive organic garden where 80% of the food is grown.
  • Gratitude Café is the a la carte lunch and appetiser bar at the spa lounge with a large selection of rare teas and organic biodynamic wines.


Food Philosophy At The Retreat Costa Rica | HEALING HOLIDAYS
Food Philosophy At The Retreat Costa Rica | HEALING HOLIDAYS

Victor Manuel Castaneda with extensive knowledge of Plant-based foods has worked with some top wellness hotels in Costa Rica, focusing on garden-inspired dishes. You can taste ’delight’ in every bite that he prepares.

Sergio Lopezjoined our team after 6 years at The Four Seasons in Guanacaste. He brought with him a desire to learn the magic of healthy cuisine. His professionalism and innovative approach to clean eating has brought his signature to every dish.

Alvaro Fabian Jimenez spent over 20 years in the US, working with international fare in 5-star restaurants. He has a distinct personal touch that is seen and tasted in each dish he prepares.

If this blog has got you interested in starting your wellness journey at The Retreat Costa Rica please call our wellness advisors at 020 7843 3597 or enquire here.

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