Food Philosophy at Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso

Situated on the picturesque Athenian Riviera, Divani Apollon Palace and Thalasso, offers a rejuvenating wellness escape that inspires guests to actively participate in their wellness decisions by becoming aware of their patterns of behaviour that may contribute to imbalances. In order to do this, Divani's in house dietitian has worked hand in hand with the executive chef to create gourmet meals that are nutritionally balanced and strongly influenced by the well known Greek & Mediterranean diet.

In this interview, Divani has answered our questions on their philosophy on food.

1. What is the food philosophy at Divani, and what inspires this philosophy? 

We deeply share a true appreciation and love for natural wellbeing, stepping from our ancestors. We are here to ensure that our guests will experience the Ancient Greek concept of “Ef zin”, an alert mind in a relaxed and robust body, a philosophy that passes on to our food. Our nutritional protocols combine low glycemic index carbohydrates and adequate protein intake so as to supply each guest with all the necessary nutrients for optimal emotional and metabolic function, whilst guiding them to achieve their individual health goals.

2. What role does Mediterranean food play in your food philosophy?

The most important one! We daily work hand in hand with our executive chef to create gourmet, nutritionally balanced meals that are strongly influenced by the Greek Mediterranean area. High-quality, freshly-picked, home-grown organic produce comprises the bulk of our nutritional protocols. Each and every one of the ingredients are meticulously selected, and packed with powerful nutrients with health-restorative and protective compounds adding to the tasteful “medicinal” component that the Greek Mediterranean diet is so well known for.

3. If people are on a detox/ weight loss how do you ‘protect’ them from the lovely food /alcohol that is available in your resort? 

First of all through our menus! As I have already mentioned, our nutritional protocols are high in protein and of low glycemic index, designed in a way to maintain ideal hormonal and metabolic control. In the same time, since our programs are not about unsubstantial results, personal consultations inspire our guests to take an active part in their wellness decisions by becoming aware of the ways of being and the patterns of behaviour that may contribute to imbalances, ultimately empowering and motivating life-changing habits. Finally, accepting the fact that the saying "out of sight, out of mind" could apply here, we create a protective atmosphere for our wellbeing guests by replacing any “harmful” products from their mini bars and replacing them with healthier options and by carefully selecting where and when their meals will be served.

4. How do you ensure that healthy food is also delicious?

By taking full advantage of the fact that we are privileged to be located in Greece! Our menus are based on the finest PDO Greek products, enhanced by our very local herbs and spices. Our menus have a seasonal character, as well. Since the climate affects the nutritional profile of the food, and thus its taste, we exclusively use seasonal products. For example, the delicious herbal brews we offer to our #DivineYou guests are composed by wild-harvested herbs, such as marjoram, sage, mint, rosemary and dandelion concocted into beverages, the flavour of which change seasonally according to whichever herbs are ready to be harvested. The key to our success is the use of authentic ingredients, giving delicious and healthy meals, ultimately delivering real results.

5. What are your two favourite #DivineYou recipes?

Besides the exceptionally healthy and delicious grilled wild-caught fish, I can’t have enough of our #DIvineYou pizza with anthotyro, cherry tomatoes, oregano and extra virgin olive oil. A signature recipe that perfectly supports the strings when your heart says “Pizza”, but your health goals (and your jeans) say “Zucchini Crust Greek Pizza”!

If you are ready to start your wellness journey at Divanicall our wellness advisors at 020 7843 3597 or enquire here . 

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