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29/01/2020, Euphoria Retreat

The winner of the Conde Nast Spa Awards 2020 - Best Fitness Programme, Euphoria Retreat, has given us a guide into their amazing fitness programmes.

Euphoria Retreat is the perfect place to relax, redefine the relationship between your mind and body and reinvent yourself. The holistic approach works as a process of transformation on all levels to achieve an enduring balance. The ultimate goal of this transformational process is what is on offer – a state of euphoria, embracing the Ancient Greek concept of a blissful life so you can take everything that you learn back home to your everyday life.

Through their personalised treatments, programmes of physical exercise, diet guidelines and mental coaching, provided by true wellness experts, you will be able to experience a unique cleansing process. The Signature Retreats will help you alleviate any physical and emotional congestion, with skilled mentors, therapists and professionals offering their encouragement and positive energy to create the perfect environment to guide you on your personal journey of healing.

The Euphoria Fitness Programme also includes therapies that soothe and relax a post-workout body and revitalise its energy levels. You are also able to join their daily group activities to further boost your conditioning. Furthermore, Euphoria's innovative nutritional analysis can accurately measure your body’s needs on a cellular level so that they can tailor dietary recommendations to regulate your metabolism, particularly when exercising. Optimal metabolism leads to increased energy and enhanced longevity.

Is Euphoria Fitness for me?

This Programme is for you if you want to:

  • Kick-start a fitness regime that you can bring home
  • Positively enhance your body shape
  • Challenge your limits within a safe and supportive environment
  • Understand the role of effective nutrition for optimal fitness
  • Increase your muscular strength and cardiovascular condition
  • Boost your mental ability to stick with an exercise routine once leaving Euphoria

What are the Benefits of my Euphoria Fitness Programme?

You will:

  • Feel physically stronger with increased stamina
  • Be more mentally agile and emotionally stable in your daily life
  • Notice a change in your body shape for the better
  • Feel more self-confident and positive
  • Be motivated to maintain an exercise regime

Euphoria also offers an excellent Movement and Yoga fitness programme. This programme focuses on mindful movement so you can work on physical strength, flexibility and coordination. It’s for those who feel more drawn to one-on-one yoga practice than group endurance training for reaching desired levels of fitness.

This Programme offers a joyful approach to fitness and allows you to connect with your body with one-to-one yoga practice and/or fitness training. The personal sessions will take place both indoors and outside in nature where you breathe clean air and enjoy the peace and mystique of our tranquil environment.  

Is Euphoria Yoga - Fitness for me?

This Programme is for your if you:  

  • Want to improve your posture and muscle strength
  • Feel as if you’ve lost your shape and elasticity  
  • Want to alleviate stress from your life
  • Want an overall sense of rejuvenation and balance

What are the Bemefis of my Yoga-Fitness Programme?

You will:    

  • Feel more energy and more balance 
  • Enjoy more confidence in your body
  • Become more flexible and increase mindful movements
  • Feel more positive

Euphoria retreat recommends taking part in a 7 day retreat for the best results.

If this blog has got you interested in starting your wellness journey call our wellness advisors at 020 7843 3597 or enquire here.

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