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Dedicated to helping patients lead healthier and longer lives, Clinique La Prairie Medical Centre offers an outstanding range of expertise, incorporating over 50 leading medical specialists.  Strongly rooted in holistic approach to health and well-being, these specialties cover all fields to fulfil your physical and psychological needs, as well as to perform comprehensive check-ups or to get professional advice about nutrition. 


Medical Director & Specialist in Internal and Preventative Medicine 

Dr Adrian Heini joined the medical team at Clinique La Prairie in 2000. Graduate of the Faculty of Medicine in Lausanne and with extensive experience in internal & preventive medicine and nutrition, he was particularly interested in the field obesity and energy metabolism. At Clinique La Prairie, Dr. Heini has developed several medical and longevity programs to help patients live longer and healthier lives. It is as Medical Director since 2020, that Dr Heini pursues his mission and the pioneering spirit of the Clinic in these areas, and to strengthen the development of the Medical Center. 

SpecialisationsClinical Nutrition | Internal Medicine


Neurology specialist 

After his medical training, mainly in Lausanne and at the University of California in San Diego (Master in Brain Research), Dr Despland was the Head of the Clinical Neurophysiology Centre Service at Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV) for many years. He is a recognised specialist in cerebral Doppler ultrasound, a technique which he helped to introduce in Switzerland, as well as in electroencephalography. Dr Despland is also a consultant for sleep and memory disorders as well as epilepsy. He has been in charge of the Neurology unit at Clinique La Prairie since 2008. 

SpecialisationsMedicine for sleep disorders | Epilepsy | Doppler examination | Ambulatory Holter recording during sleep | Electroencephalography for epilepsy & other malaises | Consultation for memory problems | Recording of auditory evoked potentials 



Acupuncture specialist 

Guy Ducas is a Doctor of Acupuncture and is a specialist in gynaecological endocrinology, infertility, menopause and inflammatory diseases. He studied at the Chinese Acupuncture Hospital in Taiwan and has acquired considerable experience in his field. He has been a consultant at Clinique La Prairie since 2004. 

SpecialisationsEndocrinological gynaecology - infertility – menopause – inflammatory diseases 


Gastroenterology specialist 

Dr. Samira FELIX is a specialist in hepato-gastroenterology. She carried out her specialization at the Lille University Hospital where she worked as an Assistant Chief Resident in hepatology, resuscitation dedicated to digestive emergencies, general gastroenterology and in particular management of chronic inflammatory bowel diseases and nutrition. She completed her training at the Beaujon University Hospital (Paris) to enrich her knowledge of benign and neoplastic pancreatopathy. Through complementary training at the St-Antoine and Tenon Hospital (Paris), she obtained a complementary specialized degree in oncology and finished her academic career as a chief resident at the Grenoble University Hospital. 

SpecialisationsGastroenterology | Digestive oncology and radiation pathology | Chronic inflammatory bowel disease | Acute and chronic hepatopathy | Benign and neoplastic pancreatopathy | Functional pathology including hypnosis treatment



Haematology Specialist 

Dr Vedy, an FMH certified specialist in internal medicine and hematology, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lausanne. She receives for consultations patients with disorders such as anaemia; iron deficiency and overload; abnormal conditions of the red blood cells, white blood cells and blood platelets; coagulation disorders, such as a tendency to bleed (for example, hemophilia); proneness to thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, and blood cancers. A former Deputy Head of the Hematology unit of Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV), she has worked at Clinique La Prairie since 2010. 

SpecialisationsAnemia, deficiency & overload of iron | Abnormal red, white blood cell count and of blood platelets | Coagulation disorder such as bleeding tendency (eg hemophilia) or tendency to thrombosis and pulmonary embolism | Blood cancers 



Fatima Santos has been working as a consultant for Complementary Medicine at Clinique La Prairie since 2004.  She holds a university Master of Science in Psychology and a Master in Caycedian Clinical Sophrology (relaxation therapy). She is specialised in hypnosis, relaxation therapy and systemic therapy and interventions (for couples and families). She also has experience in nursing and psychology in the area of palliative care. Ms. Santos is involved in particular in our Weight Management and Rebalancing programmes. 

SpecialisationsHypnosis | Sophrology | Systemic therapy (couple and family) 



Psychiatry, Psychotherapy 

Dr Svetlana Kravcenko Cappi is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zagreb (Croatia) and is a specialist in psychiatry, psychotherapy and hypnosis. She has been treating disorders related to anxiety, depression, stress, personality disorders and burn-out syndrome at Clinique La Prairie since 2009. She is involved, in particular, in our Rebalancing programme. 

SpecialisationsDepressions | Anxiety disorders | Stress Management | Burn-out | Personality Disorders | Mental disturbances in old age & its specificities Hypnosis 


Angiology specialist 

Dr Kern graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva and is an FMH certified specialist in angiology and internal medicine. A former Deputy Clinic Head at the University Hospitals of Geneva, he is also a member of the Swiss Society of Phlebology and Angiology and of the French Society of Vascular Medicine. He has been working at Clinique La Prairie since 1998. 

SpecialisationsFMH Internal Medicine | FMH Angiology | AFC Phlebology | AFC Ultrasonography | AFC Thermal ablation of saphenous varicose veins 



FMH Specialist in Cardiology and Internal Medicine 

Dr V. Nam TRAN is a cardiologist specialized in heart rhythm diseases. He also performs catheter ablation procedures of arrhythmias and implantation of pacemakers/defibrillators. 

After obtaining his medical degree at the University of Lausanne, he completed several trainings in Internal Medicine at Hahnemann University Hospital in Philadelphia, in Cardiology in Geneva and accomplished a fellowship in complex arrhythmia at the Mount Sinai Hospital, New York City. He was a member of the faculty in the arrhythmia service at Bern University Hospital and currently works as a consultant in rhythm disease at Lausanne University Hospital. Dr Tran joined Clinique La Prairie in August 2017. 

SpecialisationsNon-invasive cardiology and cardiovascular risk factors management. 

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