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Dr Sara Farnetti graduated with honours in 2003 in Medicine and Surgery at the Sacro Cuore Catholic University in Rome. Here she also specialized in internal medicine with honours and she obtained a Ph. D. in Physiopathology of Nutrition and Metabolism. In 2004 she won the prize for young researchers from SIMI (Italian Society of Internal Medicine). Since 2014 she has been Assistant Professor at the Diabetes Research Institute, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

Lecturer at the Luiss Carlo Guidi University in Rome, from 2016 to today, she is in charge of the “Wellness and wellbeing” course. For the innovative value of her researching work, she participated in 2 edition of TEDx, the first time in 2011 with a symposium on “Everything you know about food is fake” and the second in 2016 with a speech entitled “Functional nutrition: the key to life”.

Author of numerous scientific and popular publications on the themes of functional nutrition and cellular lipidomics in various clinical conditions, the prevention of metabolic diseases and the treatment of metabolic syndrome and related diseases. In 2019 she won the prize for “ 100 Italian Excellences” . In 2008 she published the book “Alimentazione funzionale e sovrappeso corporeo”, in 2012 “ Tutto ciò che sai sul cibo è falso” and in 2018 “Mai più a dieta. Salute e longevità con la medicina di precisione”. She also collaborates with various newspapers and magazines.

Specialisation: Internal Medicine | Functional Nutrition

Website : sarafarnetti.it


Wellbeing Director

After 10-years of experience as a successful multi-awarded entrepreneur, leader and innovator in the Wellness and Spa Industry, Erica D’Angelo is now the Wellbeing Director of Borgo Egnazia. She promotes international excellence deeply rooted in Puglia (Italy) which embodies a different concept of hospitality and wellbeing strongly related to the idea of “Happiness Travel”.
Focused on creating the most unique wellbeing and joyful experiences, Erica is inspired by the guest's unspoken wishes, teammates desires and the company’s vision to excel in business performances. This has had a positive impact on her hunger for innovation.
She loves doing bodyweight energising sports and cares about a healthy lifestyle and nutrition as this allows her to have the highest energy.


Wellbeing Specialist

International expert in Aromatherapy who collaborates with Vair, Borgo Egnazia Spa. Teacher and consultant, he has promoted this precious art in over 30 countries over the years. Thanks to his travels in Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East and the in-depth study of natural disciplines, he has become an expert of essential oils and botanical perfumery science. Over time he has created products with new and exclusive recipes, using the fragrance as the highest form of expression and communication.

Website: www.lucafortuna.it

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