Everything you need to know about Stone Massages

17/08/2020, Chiva-Som

A lot of people who have tried several types of massage, however many vouch for hot stone therapy as being the complete package. This unique therapy using stones has been perfected for over 2000 years and so we spoke to some of the masters of Hot Stone Therapy at Chiva-Som to find out everything about this amazing treatment.

The stones hold the heat for a long time and release it slowly into the muscles. Stone Massages use deep penetrating heat to bring out a chemical release within the body’s system combined with specialize massage techniques that focus on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. There are many benefits that come from hot stone massage. They are known for their energy and healing properties  as they raise your energy levels, enhance creativity, bring stability and cleanse negativity. The aim of a hot stone massage is to release the chronic tension, stiffness and muscle pain over problem areas from repetitive injury and sedentary lifestyle. 

Hot stone massage to release shoulder pain in the blade muscle

  • Your hand will be placed behind your back
  • A hand-sized or pointer stone slide will be thumb kneaded around the scapula
  • This process will be repeated a couple of times in the affected area

Hot Stone Massage for Stress and Headache Relieve

  • Your head will be turned to the side
  • Using their thumb the therapist will gently knead on the base of your skull
  • The kneading technique will be repeated by using a small stone Acupressure on the “Wind Pool” below the base of skull, about one inch out from the middle of the neck

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