Change Your Breathing To Enhance Your Well-Being

As you go through your day the chance is that you are completely unaware of your breathing as it happens automatically. However, you may also not be aware that the presence of dysfunctional breathing is all too common and is often associated with a variety of symptoms. These symptoms can result in fatigue, headaches, poor concentration, anxiety and even intensified perceptions of pain. 

By becoming more aware of your breathing you can enhance your health and wellbeing in many unexpected ways. We have put together some benefits that can arise from giving due respect to this essential bodily function. 

Increased Energy

The cells in your body utilize oxygen in order to produce energy. This energy is used to fuel every single function in the body. By increasing the amount of oxygen your lungs take in, you can actually find a huge increase in energy. 

If you suffer from dysfunctional breathing, your body may not be exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide effectively, resulting in an imbalance and poor levels of oxygen for your cells. Without the necessary fuel for your cells, your body may feel deprived. By correcting breathing dysfunction, you can optimize oxygen and CO2 balance in the blood, thus supporting energy production. 

Calming of the Nerves

The way in which you breathe can have a huge influence on the activation of stress and relaxation responses. When you think back to a time you were stressed or frightened you may have gasped or held your breath. This reaction speeds up your heartbeat, heightens the senses and gets your body ready to fight or flight. 

If you feel constantly stressed throughout your day you may be holding your breath more frequently than you think. This also triggers the body to go into the fight or flight response of heightened senses and anxiety. By becoming more aware of your breathing, practice a fluid, seamless breathing rhythm, you can restore balance and harmony to your nervous system. 

How To Balance Your Breathing

Start by becoming aware of your breathing pattern. Pay close attention to any hesitations in your rhythm and take note of specific qualities such as shallow breaths or tightness. To begin breathing more fluently, slowly inhale in a relaxed manner to a count of 5 seconds, and without pausing, exhale to the same count of 5 seconds. If you practice this throughout the day your breathing should slowly become more fluid and you will reap the benefits for your health and well-being.

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