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13/09/2023, Healing Holidays

There are no age limits for enjoying a full life, and that includes sexual health. The World Health Organisation has defined health as the state of mental, physical, emotional, social, spiritual and sexual wellness in all areas of human activity.

Inspired by this, the multi award-winning SHA Wellness Clinic has created a new unit at the clinic dedicated to studying sexual function and wellness.

What consultations are available at the Sexual Health Unit?

Sexual Health Consultation
Clinical evaluation with a specialist in sexual health who carries out a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s current situation, including physical, emotional and psychological aspects, which serves as an initial diagnosis of the state of health and which allows specific diagnostic tests and treatments to be recommended depending on the case.

Consultation with a Hormonal Expert
Complete assessment of the neuroendocrine axis that allows the body’s hormonal functioning to be checked, in order to apply the most appropriate treatments if necessary and depending on the case.

Consultation with a Gynaecologist
An assessment of the patient’s medical history and current gynaecological situation is carried out. Through a detailed physical examination and questionnaire, key concerns are addressed and personalised recommendations are provided to maintain optimal female health.

Consultation with an Urologist
Consultation with a urology specialist for a review of the patient’s history, as well as a check-up of the patient’s current urinary tract status. In cases of erectile dysfunction, detailed further studies are carried out, depending on the case, with the performance of various tests and/or specific treatments, in order to find personalised solutions.

What diagnostic tests are available at the Sexual Health Unit?

Blood Test
Biochemical study in which the most relevant parameters are measured to determine the current state of health and a complete hormone profile is carried out as a basic diagnostic test for the medical consultation with a hormone expert.

Genetic Test
Complete genetic study consisting of 3 tests: Oestrogens, Thrombogenes and Sporadicgenes, whose aim is to detect genetic variants related to oestrogen metabolism, oestrogen receptors, progesterone, and genes associated with thrombosis or breast cancer, in order to evaluate possible health risks in the patient.

Transvaginal Ultrasound
Examination of the female reproductive system using high-frequency sound waves. The uterus, cervix and vagina are examined.

A high-definition X-ray that uses very low-dose X-rays to diagnose any breast disease.

What treatments are available at the Sexual Health Unit?

Non-invasive radiofrequency procedure for the treatment of vaginal laxity and sexual dysfunction that provides homogeneous heat throughout the internal and/or external vaginal area to increase local blood circulation as well as the remodelling of elastin and collagen fibres.

Female Intimate Rejuvenation
Non-surgical genital rejuvenation treatment by laser that prevents infections, improves the pelvic floor and reduces urinary incontinence. It is an advanced technology for a complete recovery of female intimate health.

Stem Cell Treatment
Treatment for erectile dysfunction involving the application of stem cells and autologous platelet-rich plasma to the corpora cavernosa of the male member.

A treatment that stimulates the pelvic floor area through deep electromagnetic contractions to improve blood flow to the area and help restore neuromuscular control. Recommended for cases of urinary and/or faecal incontinence in men and women, erectile dysfunction or extreme weakness in the pelvic floor.

TIAI Pelvic Floor Health & Sexual Dysfunction Session
Pelvic floor physiotherapy session to stimulate nerve cells, musculoskeletal tissue and blood vessels in this area to treat disorders and sexual dysfunctions in a natural and painless way.

High Intensity Inductive Therapy
Neuromodulatory treatment using high density magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells, musculoskeletal tissue and blood vessels to produce an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, toning and tissue regenerative effect.

Virile Treatment with Longitudinal Shockwaves
Treatment used to improve poor erectile function. This technique, although not insensitive, is painless and is performed in various protocols (continuous or intermittent) with sessions of about 15 minutes duration. Low intensity, radial waves are applied which penetrate (up to 40 mm) directly onto the surface to be treated, causing a tilting micro-trauma which improves circulation and generates blood vessels which did not previously exist. It is only contraindicated in the case of anticoagulant treatment.


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