Being Mindful without Meditating

There is no definition of good meditation or bad meditation, what is most important is finding what works the best for you. For some, sitting in the lotus position for 30 minutes a day allows them to feel connected and mindful. However, for many of us, repeating this mantra every day can seem torturous. What is important is your ability to set aside some time each day to relax and reconnect with yourself, especially if you lead a busy lifestyle. How you decide to spend your time is completely up to you and definitely does not have to be strictly meditation. There are a variety of activities that can provide the same benefits you receive from meditation as long as you are present and aware of your thoughts and feelings. If you do struggle with meditation but want to incorporate mindfulness into your life, we have put together some activities to try.


Mindful walking is a great way to declutter the mind, centre yourself and regain mental focus. As you walk, keep your head up and focus on all your surroundings. Note the sounds of nature, visualise the colours around you, take in the smells in the air and relax. 


Producing art is an excellent form of expression and can be highly therapeutic. The goal of art is to utilize your creative process in order to help explore self-expression and, in doing so, find new ways to gain personal insight. Perhaps you have a passion for watercolour or life drawing, why not join an art club or enrol in an after-work course. 


Find inner calm as you care for your garden. Many studies have shown simply getting into the garden a couple of times a week can have a huge benefit on our mental welfare. Take the time to pause as you take your first step into the garden and try not to focus on the clock too much. If you do not have your own garden, try volunteering at your communities public gardens 


Finding a new skill can be a great way to switch off from your surroundings and focus on yourself. An example of this could be to take part in a pottery class. Being creative is great for the soul, when you begin to feel the warm clay in your hands and smell the earth your mind begins to relax. This is also a real opportunity to connect with like-minded people and embrace your passions together. 


Similar to gardening, foraging is a mindful activity which truly allows you to connect with nature whilst spending time in the great outdoors. This combination is brilliant for overall mental health and wellbeing. There are many things you can forage for, depending on your surroundings. This could include foraging for berries, herbs or mushrooms. Or, if you are not surrounded by so much natural food, simply collecting autumn leaves for a home project can be an excellent way to tune into your thoughts. 

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