Begin the New Year with Vana Retreats

Make 2019 the year you prioritise your wellbeing and attend a retreat at Vana Malsi Estate. The beginning of the year is thought to be a time for introspection and spiritual pursuit according to the Indian and Vedas tradition, as the sun moves from the Southern hemisphere into the Northern one in what is known as the ‘Uttarayana’ phase. To compliment this time of introspection, in the months of January and February Vana will offer guests the opportunity to set their course of action for the year and provide them with the skills and techniques needed to achieve it.

Through private and group sessions you will be encouraged to contemplate your life to gain insights that will help you to realign and work towards a greater potential and life purpose. Wellness coaching that has been curated specifically to provide personal guidance in setting your path will be offered, as well as a variety of other treatments and therapies that will give you a greater sense of wellbeing and renewed purpose. The experts at Vana will offer you invaluable guidance that will aid you in being able to reach a deeper understanding of yourself, bringing about the clarity of mind needed to embrace change and welcome new beginnings.  

Special wellness activities will be offered in light of various celebrations and auspicious days that occur within the beginning months of the year, with days dedicated to harvest, nature, fostering change, and stillness all falling in January and February. The activities offered will include new moon meditations, a Lohri bonfire, farm visits, kite-flying, prayers, rituals, and more. Nourishment will also be key, with a special cuisine offered during the early months of 2019. This is sure to make visiting Vana at this time of year a truly rewarding and unique experience.

If you are interested in getting 2019 off to a great start with a retreat at Vana, find more on our website VanaMalsi Estate or contact one of our experts on 0207 843 3597.

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"Healing Holidays were good at finding me the best price for the particular holiday that I had chosen.

Things that they could have done better:
- I was informed that alcoholic drinks were (unless imported) included in the price. This did not turn out to be true. Alcoholic drinks (whether imported or local) cost extra at the resort.
- My flights had to be rescheduled for reasons outside of the control of Healing Holidays. I was not initially given the reasons for the change, so had to ask for this. It would be better, whenever there is a change to the flights, if a reason for the change were found and communicated upfront."
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