Ayurveda In Spring

24/03/2024, Healing Holidays

In Ayurveda, this is the Vasant Ritu, or Spring, where the sun is on a journey northward; the ice has begun to melt and all around there is a re-awakening of blissful flora and fauna. This same state is mirrored in the body. There is a rise in humidity and so an increase in temperature. Although Spring is resplendent visually, it can be a tough time for those who suffer from allergies. According to the traditional texts, at the same time, the Vasant Ritu is one of the best times to detoxify the body. We recently caught up with Six Senses Vana who kindly shared some tips for each dosha, that suggests how you can live this season optimally:


  1. Sipping warm water liquefies Kapha, that may have accumulated through winter. This also works as a stimulant for a sluggish metabolism and assists in detoxification. 
  2. Movement – any form of early morning movement such as walking and yoga which can convert Kapha into energy. 
  3. Avoid daytime naps as it increases Kapha accumulation, reduces energy, and promotes lethargy/sluggishness and weakness in the body. 
  4. Regular steams are encouraged as they help in reducing the excess moisture build up in this weather. 
  5. To keep bacteria and viruses at bay, use regular oil pulling and saline water gargling.


  1. Use bitter, astringent flavours while cooking. 
  2. Decrease salt intake, as it may lead to water retention. 
  3. Have an early dinner, ideally before 7pm. 
  4. At least once a week, try and consume very light food through the day. This will keep the digestive system clean and digestive fire intact. 
  5. Use warm water to wash your linens every five days. The water must be warmer than 130 degrees F (60 degrees C) to kill dust mites.


  1. Massage yourself with some sesame seed oil before taking a bath. 
  2. Frequent steam is encouraged, as it helps in reducing excess moisture build up. 
  3. Favour warm foods that are dry, light, and warm. 
  4. Incorporate lots of cooked lentils and beans into your diet. 
  5. Incorporate more fresh ginger, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, ajwain seeds, and black pepper into your diet to prevent respiratory challenges and spring allergies.

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