10 Top Tips to Feel Vital and Sleep Well

Anandi - The Sleep Guru

In order to live a healthy, balanced and fulfilled life you need to feel vital and energetic without the mind running away with you.  This requires that you pay attention to your ‘life force energy’ levels. Life force energy is the term the yogis used to describe the thing that gives you vitality.  If you have abundant Prana, you’ll feel feeling amazing, if it’s low, you’ll be feeling vaguely ill or exhausted all the time. Running on empty, will eventually manifest into illness which is why it’s so important to be conscious about topping up your Prana levels.  

Follow these 10 tips and it won’t take very long to start feeling the benefits. Try it for three months and see how you feel:

1. Eat live organic food.  

Good food is fundamental to health and sleep.  Choose colourful freshly cooked food made with love from a reliable clean, organic source.  Ban all ready made, frozen or take out food…forever!

2. Give your living space and your bedroom an overhaul.

Get rid of the clutter, expel technology from the bedroom and bring positive energy in with flowers, wonderful smells and candles.

3. Don’t be afraid of the sun.

When the sun is shining, get out in the morning and allow yourself the luxury of feeling a little sun on your face.  Choose times when the sun is just rising and not too hot.

4. Retreat to a peaceful place where you can meditate or practice yoga

Being in stillness is one of the main sources of restoring your mental and physical energy.  It’s vital for productivity, health and good sleep to give yourself a nourishing break. Do this at least once per year.

5.Surround yourself with the right people

Being in the presence of people who are high energy, positive and intimately connected to their higher self, will automatically make you feel better.  Consciously choose to spend time with people who support the highest in you.

6. Look after your digestive system.  

Be careful with raw food if you have a delicate digestive system and don’t overload your stomach with foods that are difficult to digest.  Cut out ice cold water from your diet completely.  

7. Breathe!  

The breath is one of the main sources of Prana. Take notice of how you are breathing at different times of the day. Is it shallow, short and hurried? Maybe you’re feeling like you can’t actually breathe? In my book ‘Breathe Better, Sleep Bettter’, you’ll find a sequence of exercises called ‘Breath Liberation Practice’ which is designed to help you free up your chest in order to be able to breathe more deeply.

8.Limit your technology use in the evening

Try to turn off technology by 8pm in the evening and do something relaxing such as reading a spiritual book, meditating, or some breathing exercises.

9. Try to sleep more than six hours

Make sure you get a minimum of 6.5 hours of sleep per night.

10. Avoid checking your emails as soon as you wake up.  

Take at least 15 minutes to meditate or breathe.  If you do this, you’ll start your day from a peaceful place and you’ll have a much more productive day.

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