10 Reasons To Do A Digital Detox

08/02/2022, Healing Holidays

What is a digital detox?

Relinquishing all your digital devices may seem like a scary concept, no smartphones, no Wi-Fi, no TV, no technological devices whatsoever for the duration of your detox, yet it can be an incredibly rewarding experience. There are so many benefits to disconnecting from technology and reconnecting with reality, and here are just ten of them.

1. To reconnect with the world around you

Switching off your devices gives you the chance to reconnect with the world around you, you’ll be amazed at what a beautiful place it can be when you look up from your phone, take off your headphones and simply experience all the sights and sounds that surround you, this is especially the case when enjoying a digital detox retreat abroad!

2. To reconnect with the people around you

While many of us may use our digital devices to keep in contact with each other, it more often than not actually distracts us from connecting with the people who are really around us. Put away your devices and allow yourself to fully enjoy the company of those around you, you’ll be surprised at how much more engaged you will instantly feel.  

3. To discover new hobbies

Using our digital devices takes up a surprising amount of time, time that could be put towards picking back up an old hobby or even discovering a new one. Use the time you would spend on your devices doing yoga, reading, drawing, or just about anything else and you are sure to feel much more fulfilled.

4. To sleep better

The use of digital devices has been shown in many studies to impair our sleeping, particularly when used in the hour before you go to bed. Turning off your devices ensures you can get a better night’s sleep and won’t get woken up in the middle of the night by something that could wait until morning.

10 Reasons To Do A Digital Detox

5. To take some time for yourself

Digital devices allow us to be connected at all times, but sometimes we need time out to simply be by ourselves. Without being immediately contactable you will be able to properly relax, allowing you to switch off your mind as well as your devices.

6. To break the cycle

For many, actions such as checking your phone or other devices has become an unconscious habit, we do it without even thinking about it. However it is a habit you don’t need, especially when it has you itching to check your phone no matter the situation or occasion. It can be difficult to get out the cycle, but a complete break on a digital detox creates the perfect circumstances to finally give up this bad habit.

7. To improve your attention span

Following on from the previous point, your technological devices can be an unwanted distraction which a digital detox will help you rid yourself of. Whether at work, socialising with friends, or just enjoying some downtime, the light up of your phone screen is enough to draw your attention away from whatever you’re doing in an instant and make you much less productive, but a digital detox will help stop this.

8. To improve your health

Excessive use of digital devices has been shown to have an impact on your health. Ever experience a headache or neck pain after a day spent hunched staring at a screen? A digital detox will help break the habits that are linked to these problems, resulting in a happier, healthier you.

9. To develop a better relationship with technology

Going on a digital detox doesn’t mean you need to give up technology forever; in fact it can help you develop a better relationship with it. The detox will help you stop being so dependent on your devices and highlight when they actually benefit your life, meaning you will to learn to use them only when they are helpful, not when they become a hindrance.

10. To enjoy life more

Combine all these reasons and you get the simple answer; go on a digital detox to enjoy life more. Be in the moment, feel connected to the world and others around you, be happier and healthier and with more time to do the things you enjoy and that really matter, what more reason do you need?

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