Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort

Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort

Thailand, Southeast Asia

Nestled in majestic hills, Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort is the ideal location for a blissful retreat. Located just 20 minutes from the Phuket international airport and next to a national forest, Thanyapura is dedicated to promoting a healthy active lifestyle through sports and wellness.

They operate an integrative healthcare model that combines functional medicine and wellness. Their clinical team analyses bio-chemistry and body systems that determine good health - metabolism, hormone function and gut function, which is then supported with wellness programmes in nutrition, core strength, stress management stress and detoxification. They also offer rehabilitative medicine for people with joint and muscle pain, and aesthetic treatments to enhance physical appearance.

Their health and wellness programmes focus on lifestyle modification, disease prevention and balance. Thanyapura optimises each individual stay with its world-class facilities, dynamic group classes, personal training, comfortable rooms, and delicious and nutritious food. Based on a unique three-dimensional coaching model for the mind, body and soul, Thanyapura Phuket has been created to help everyone live a more fulfilling and healthy life through mind management, education, health and sport.

   Nearest Airport: Phuket
   Transfer Time: Approx. 20 minutes

Sharing from £789.00£789.00 pp
Singles from £919.00£919.00 pp
Sharing from £829.00£829.00 pp
Singles from £999.00£999.00 pp

Including transfers, accommodation, full board and a 3 night programme

Recommended for

Stress Management | Weight Management | Fitness | Detox 

Room Types

The list of treatments available at their tranquil spa is extensive and covers everything from invigorating massages to detox treatments and anti-stress therapies.

Abdominal massageLymphatic massageBack, neck and shoulder massageHot herbal compresses & stretch treatment
Relaxing foot massageTraditional Thai massageRelaxation massageIndian head massage
Slimming body treatmentMud wrap & detoxMarine scrub & detoxAnti-aging facials
Abhyanga oil massageShirodhara third eye oil dripping treatmentMind trainingThanyapura signature massage


Award-winning all-day dining with freshly baked bread, free-range eggs and organic fruits and vegetables. DiVine’s menu selection ranges from Thai and Asian food to western food, vegan and vegetarian food, raw food and even alkaline food.


An all-day deli and café where you can choose from an excellent selection of homemade dishes prepared with local ingredients.


Khun Khao Restaurant is exclusively for guests staying in the Garden Wing. It offers nutritious Asian, Thai, and Western raw vegan cuisine prepared with fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts and herbs.


This restaurant's plant-based only menu is perfect for those who have adopted a greener approach to eating and those that want to detoxify their bodies from processed foods and meat.


Thanyapura offers members and guests over 130 free group classes every week, these include:

  • Yoga
  • Swimming
  • Strength training
  • Cycling 
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis 
  • Circuit training 
  • Muay Thai
  • Meditation
  • 25m training pool
  • 50m Olympic pool
  • Tennis courts
  • Yoga studio
  • Mind training studio
  • Aesthetics & beauty centre
  • Fitness centre
  • Studios for group activities (spinning room, functional movement room, fitness room)
  • Road bike rental
  • Ice baths, steam rooms and sauna
  • Private detoxification room 
  • Hall for yoga and mediation sessions
  • Library

Thanyapura sprawls over 23 hectares of lush gardens, manicured lawns and plant-filled courtyards surrounded by lush green forests in the heart of Phuket.

Directions to Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort:

Travelling by plane

  • Phuket Airport - approx. 20 mins

Healing Holidays Exclusive Offers

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Added Value Offer

  • 1x Health & Wellness Consultation  
  • 2x Sessions of BEMER to improve the body’s own self-healing and regeneration processes
    Minimum 5 nights stay. T&C's apply
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Thanyapura Fit & Healthy
Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort | Thailand
3, 7, 14, 21 or 30 nights

Modern lives and lifestyles and busy schedules leave little time for exercising, eating right and getting the sleep we need to feel fit and healthy. Thanyapura’s Fit & Healthy programme is specifically designed to help people get back into shape and get healthy again. Their program focuse…

Sharing from £789.00£789.00 pp
Singles from £919.00£919.00 pp
Thanyapura Active Detox
Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort | Thailand
3, 7, 14 or 21 nights

It seems that everything around us is toxic – the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat – and over time these toxins accumulate in our tissues, gut and brain causing us to feel sluggish, constipated and prone to skin rashes, headaches and joint pain.Thanyapura's Act…

Sharing from £869.00£869.00 pp
Singles from £999.00£999.00 pp
Thanyapura Office Syndrome
Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort | Thailand
3, 4, 7 or 14 nights

Office syndrome is a common problem found amongst office workers. Prolonged work along with physical stress and poor postures such as standing or sitting hunched over, keeping the head tilted down, or pushing the shoulders forward can produce aches and pains throughout the body. If we do not correc…

Sharing from £879.00£879.00 pp
Singles from £999.00£999.00 pp
Thanyapura Game Changer
Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort | Thailand
3, 7, 14, 21 or 30 nights

The Thanayapura Game Changer programme is designed specifically for those looking to make a healthy transition to a plant-based lifestyle.You will receive expert advice and guidance from their team of lifestyle experts, coaches and chefs that will help cut through the information overload for a sus…

Sharing from £879.00£879.00 pp
Singles from £999.00£999.00 pp
Thanyapura Weight Loss
Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort | Thailand
7, 14, 21 or 30 nights

Sedentary lifestyles, lack of exercise, high calorie foods and poor digestion all contribute to weight gain. At Thanyapura they believe that weight loss is not about diets or dieting; it’s about managing your lifestyle and substituting unhealthy practices with healthy rituals that sustain goo…

Sharing from £1159.00£1159.00 pp
Singles from £1329.00£1329.00 pp
Thanyapura Executive Health
Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort | Thailand
3, 7 or 10 nights

Busy executives lead busy lives -- they don’t have the time to eat right, exercise and rest, which leads to weight gain, fatigue and a low sex drive. These and other symptoms are a function of a body and mind that are out-of-balance and working under stress.Thanyapura’s Executive Health…

Sharing from £1489.00£1489.00 pp
Singles from £1599.00£1599.00 pp
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