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Nelson - May 2019

Joining a yoga retreat as a beginner can be really intimidating but the Discover Programme was just right for me. I really liked the personalised attention and the modifications to poses made me feel a lot more comfortable and confident. This was a great place for me to really dive into yoga. Thanks for your help! 

Marie - September 2018

I can not tell you how relaxed and happy I felt during my time at Six Senses Yao Noi... This was the perfect place to take a retreat and reconnect with my body and breath. I think that everyone could benefit from a stay here. Thanks for helping me choose this Thailand retreat! 

Nelly - January 2017

I am really glad that you found a combination yoga and detox programme for me. I truly feel like I benefitted from the yoga sessions and the special detox treatments. I feel like now that I have returned, my body is running more efficiently and I am better able to manage stress. These benefits are huge! Thank you so, so much. 

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