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Amatara Wellness Resort

Thailand, Southeast Asia

Amatara Wellness Resort is tucked away in a peaceful corner of the island of Phuket, overlooking the glittering Andaman Sea.

The Amatara experience is one of total wellness. Seek comfort at Phuket’s luxurious wellness sanctuary and indulge in their holistic wellness programs which promote good health and wellbeing. The first and only luxury destination spa in Phuket, Amatara offers seven health and wellbeing retreat programs; Amatara Detox, Weight Management, Amatara Active, Spa Revive, Amatara Yoga, Anti-aging and the personally tailored Bespoke Wellness program. These holistic programs combine luxurious accommodation, organic and nutritional food, and personalised wellness and leisure activities.

All Amatara programs also include their unforgettable Thai Hammam experience. Their exquisitely designed Thai Hammam is a world first and brings together traditional Turkish and Moroccan bathing practices with the wisdom and gentleness of Thai spa therapies.

   Nearest Airport: Phuket
   Transfer Time: Approx. 45 minutes

Sharing from £669.00£669.00 pp
Singles from £865.00£865.00 pp
Sharing from £719.00£719.00 pp
Singles from £949.00£949.00 pp

Including domestic flights, transfers, accommodation, half board and a 3 night programme

Recommended for

Detox | Fitness | Yoga | Weight-Loss 

Room Types

The Spa
With its treatment rooms overlooking the majestic Andaman Sea, their dedicated spa therapist team and their extensive menu of holistic and spa therapies, Amatara's 2000 square metre spa is sure to provide you an unforgettable experience. They are more than simply a spa; whether you are looking for a blissful spa or beauty treatment, professional physiotherapy, detox therapies or a Naturopathy consultation, you can be sure that their expert team will place your wellbeing at the heart of your treatment. They focus on high quality natural products, and excellence in service delivery that is both nurturing and personalised.

Thai Hammam Experience
Amatara's exquisitely designed Thai Hammam brings together traditional Turkish and Moroccan bathing practices with the wisdom and gentleness of Thai spa therapies. Your Thai Hammam journey is the best of a luxurious, relaxing, Thai herbal ritual bathing experience with beneficial tissue cleansing and rejuvenating effects.

Yoga Sala
The yoga sala is situated at the topmost point of the resort and features magnificent panoramic views of the Andaman Sea. Breathe in the fresh ocean air and enjoy Yoga, Meditation or simply some quiet space amidst Cape Panwa’s breathtaking horizon.

Fitness Centre
To support all guests achieve their fitness goals, Amatara offer full access to their state of the art fitness centre, which is equipped with a variety of top quality machines and equipment. Their professional fitness team is always on hand to support you or offer a private fitness coaching session. Guests can can enjoy the beautiful Phuket sea view from the fitness centre.

Pilates Studio

Amatara's dedicated Pilates studio features excellent quality Pilates machines and experienced trainers ready to support you in providing a fun, challenging Pilates workout that shapes and tones your entire body.

Steam Room & Infrared Sauna
Amatara's steam room & infrared sauna suites are located within the fitness centre and are the perfect way to relax, use to support detox or weight loss, or to use before or after your fitness session. Privacy is assured with separate suites for male and female guests. The steam room and infrared sauna suites are available complimentary to all guests between 7am-7pm daily.

Family Wellness
At Amatara you can introduce your child to the world of wellness. Some of the services that are offered are massage, private Thai boxing classes, parent & child morning yoga and an introduction into the basics of a Thai massage.


Amatara wellness cuisine concept is deeply rooted in ancient traditions, making it a peaceful sanctuary to embrace authentic healing and living foods. The food was created based on local Thai culture inspiration, which encourages us to nurture harmony with spirit, the environment and to re-connect with one another and it is Amatara's hope that the guest returns home feeling nourished and rejuvenated, and inspired to continue the journey of good health through optimal nutrition.

  • Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Kayaking
  • Stand-up paddle boarding
  • Cooking classes
  • Private beach 
  • Spa
  • Fitness centre
  • Yoga pavilion
  • Infinity pool
  • Tennis court
  • Hair salon
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Library
  • Kid’s club - Batik Painting, kids yoga & Thai boxing
  • Gift shop
  • Laundry service

Tucked away in a quiet corner of Phuket, the Amatara Wellness Resort is one of the most ideally positioned Cape Panwa hotels being a 45-minute journey from Phuket International Airport. Phuket Town is just 15 minutes away whilst Patong Beach is a 30-minute drive away.

Healing Holidays Exclusive Offers

Free Night Offer

  • Stay for 3/5 nights and pay for only 2/4 nights
  • Stay for 7/10 nights and pay for only 5/8 nights
  • Stay for 14 and pay for only 11 nights
    Valid for stays between 01 Apr 2020 - 31 Oct 2021. T&C applies.

Room Discount

Get up to 40% room discount for stays until 31 Oct 2021.
T&C applies.

Room Upgrade

Receive a complimentary room upgrade subject to availability locally at check-in.
Available during low season only. T&C applies.

Added Value Offer

  • Complimentary one bottle of ‘Rose’
  • Complimentary 8 pieces of laundry daily or pressing service
  • Complimentary one-afternoon tea set from 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm at The Library
  • Complimentary one glass of cocktail or sunset refreshment from 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm at the ‘Sun & Moon’ 
  • Resort Butler service from 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
    Valid for Bay View Pool Villa and Ocean View Pool Villa. T&C applies.
  • Book a stay of 5 nights or more and receive
    • Wellness Consultation
    • 1x Complimentary wellness activity class
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Amatara WELL Escape
Amatara Wellness Resort - Copy | Thailand
3 nights

Relax, unwind and rejuvenate with Amatara Wellness Resorts new ‘WELL Escape Program’. This transformative wellness program aims to nurture your journey to living a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. For individuals searching for a way to improve their lifestyle patterns and reconnect wi…

Sharing from £669.00£669.00 pp
Singles from £865.00£865.00 pp
Amatara Detox
Amatara Wellness Resort - Copy | Thailand
3, 5, 7, 10, 14 or 21 nights

Amatara's detox programme gives you a chance to experience your most energized, most radiant self. This is a luxury detox retreat that includes a specific detox diet plan, and key detox treatments, heavenly massages, and supplements to facilitate the detox process.We are all exposed to toxins i…

Sharing from £1089.00£1089.00 pp
Singles from £1289.00£1289.00 pp
Amatara Sleep Retreat
Amatara Wellness Resort - Copy | Thailand
3, 5, 7, 10, 14 or 21 nights

Many people in developed countries find that quality sleep is an increasingly missing element in our daily life. With complicated and busy lives, we demand much of our mental energy and are exposed to more information and stimulation than before. This way of living is often counteractive to healthy…

Sharing from £1089.00£1089.00 pp
Singles from £1289.00£1289.00 pp
Amatara Weight Management
Amatara Wellness Resort - Copy | Thailand
3, 5, 7, 10, 14 or 21 nights

Amatara's weight management programme offers a safe, sustainable, long term solution for you to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. This programme is specially developed to control and reduce your weight with an emphasis on the right nutrition, extensive exercise, personalised physiothe…

Sharing from £1089.00£1089.00 pp
Singles from £1289.00£1289.00 pp
Amatara Yoga
Amatara Wellness Resort - Copy | Thailand
3, 5, 7, 10, 14 or 21 nights

This retreat is your own perfect, personalised yoga sanctuary. It’s a wonderful chance to explore and deepen your yoga practice, and is individually customized to cater for both beginners and advanced yoga practitioners. Yoga offers so many wonderful benefits, on physical, mental and emotiona…

Sharing from £1089.00£1089.00 pp
Singles from £1289.00£1289.00 pp
Amatara Active
Amatara Wellness Resort - Copy | Thailand
3, 5, 7, 10, 14, or 21 nights

There is no doubt that living an active life is one of the key foundations for vitality, longevity and a wellness lifestyle. The Active Retreat offers a holistic approach to improving fitness and performance and improving your energy, while caring for the physical body of those who currently live a…

Sharing from £1089.00£1089.00 pp
Singles from £1289.00£1289.00 pp
Amatara Spa Revive
Amatara Wellness Resort - Copy | Thailand
3, 5, 7, 10, 14 or 21 nights

Amatara's luxurious spa revive retreat offers a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating and holistic luxury spa holiday. The resort's tranquil setting with majestic views of the Andaman sea, its professional staff and private setting offer the perfect retreat space to revive, pamper, and help you dis…

Sharing from £1089.00£1089.00 pp
Singles from £1289.00£1289.00 pp
Amatara Holistic Vitality
Amatara Wellness Resort - Copy | Thailand
4 nights

Amatara’s Holistic Vitality programme was created through a collaboration between two world-class partners; Amatara wellness resort and Vitallife integrative wellness centre. This innovative programme aims at promoting longevity, preventing aging and holistically balancing body, mind and inne…

Sharing from £1685.00£1685.00 pp
Singles from £2079.00£2079.00 pp
Amatara Family Wellness
Amatara Wellness Resort - Copy | Thailand
3 nights

Amatara Wellness Resort proudly launches its new ‘Family Wellness Program’. This 3-night healthy family bonding holiday hopes to empower future generations with the elements of wellbeing. Through the program, parents and children can participate in a range of interactive group activitie…

Sharing from £1699.00£1699.00 pp
Amatara Body Detox
Amatara Wellness Resort - Copy | Thailand
10, 14 or 21 nights

If you are feeling overloaded with toxins and stress, experience Amatara's ultimate body detox programme. This retreat aims to cleanse the body and mind by focusing on the body's natural vitality and glow through a variety of fitness activities, a personalised detoxing diet and purifying th…

Sharing from £3399.00£3399.00 pp
Singles from £4039.00£4039.00 pp
Amatara Mind Detox
Amatara Wellness Resort - Copy | Thailand
10, 14 or 21 nights

Reboot your mind and body at Amatatra on their mind detox retreat. We are all exposed to toxins in the air, in our food, and in the water, we drink and bathe in. While these are often in minute amounts, toxins can gradually build in the body over time, which can result in us feeling heavy, sluggish…

Sharing from £3399.00£3399.00 pp
Singles from £4039.00£4039.00 pp
Amatara Stress and Burnout Recovery
Amatara Wellness Resort - Copy | Thailand
10, 14 or 21 nights

Amatara Wellness Resort offers a productive retreat for you to reduce stress and combat burnout. With the Stress and Burnout Recovery retreat, our health and wellbeing experts are here to listen to your situation and guide you through destressing treatments and activities. Along with daily yoga pra…

Sharing from £3399.00£3399.00 pp
Singles from £4039.00£4039.00 pp
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