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Lacy - July 2019

Just back from my stay at Shanti Maurice and I had to thank you for setting me up with such a lovely property! I wanted to veg out during my programme, but I was glad that there were so many different activities for me to try. I gave Aquafit a go, and I really ended up enjoying it! My retreat went by too quickly, but I loved every minute of it. Thank you! 

Melanie - June 2018

Although I am not stranger to health programmes, I particularly enjoyed the Shanti Maurice Nira Bliss Retreat. First of all, the surroundings were so beautiful, I could not help but be joyful. But in addition to that, I really enjoyed my yoga session and the variety of treatments included in the programme. I will definitely recommend Shanti Maurice and Healing Holidays to all of my friends and family. 

Joanne - November 2017

My time at Shanti Maurice was so blissful. Thank you for recommending the retreat to me when I called in. I could not have chosen a better programme to make me feel so refreshed. I really returned to my everyday life feeling more vibrant, and even my co-workers have noticed. Thanks for everything! 

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